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Today,  I realised that too much heat could make a normal person run mad which explains the reason  a lot of people are mad in Nigeria –  Knowingly or unknowingly. Heat almost frustrated me to hit the streets today.  There was no spot in the house I didn’t go to look for breeze..  The freezer would have been the best bet but unfortunately, it’s been over a week we last saw light in this part of lagos. Even the freezer was hotter than me. After breaking about 2 hand fans in the process of fanning myself, I tied wrapper and was walking round the compound. Next thing, I found myself walking on the street to god knows where. Thank goodness for the  ijebu Garri woman that called my attention asking if I wouldn’t drink garri today. 

N.B: I have this attachment with ijebu garri. it doesn’t mean I don’t have food to eat. Just like some people find it hard to stay 1week without gbensh, I find it hard staying without soaking garri. Especially when combined with cold water, milk, sugar, eja dindin or groundnut – hallelujah! 

 Anyways,  i thought I should  address  this vital issue.

Dear brothers and sister, 

The fact that we share same neighbourhood, have thesame ex in common, have thesame skin colour, or  attend thesame church  is not, I repeat,  is not enough reason to pass your responsibilities to me! I am not your frustration.

This evening when the weather was more favourable, I went to see my aunt. She called me to come Bcos she wants her son enrolled into my American school that is in Cotonou. She needed to make enquires. I got into a keke. I was the first passenger and it was 50naira to my destination. Enroute, 2 other people entered -a guy and a girl.  I shared seat with the driver in the front. The driver and I were arguing on something which led him to say I looked too peaceful for all the rants and war I was ready to cause with my mouth. I told him I was peaceful and that my name is peace. The girl passenger quickly meddled in ‘ you are my name-sake!’ in a loud convincing tune. I turned to her and said congratulations.

‘You be peace, she be peace, the two of you together be pieces’ the keke Man said teasingly. 

The girl tried striking conversations with me. She asked me if I knew the meaning of peace. She asked if people have called me piss piss because of my name, I told her no.

 Fast-forward to when I got  to my destination which also turned out to be her destination. We came down and I gave the keke Man 200naira. He gave me 100naira change. I asked him to  complete my change and he said he thought I would pay for my name sake.  whaaat? 

I turned to my name sake and she wasn’t  even dipping her hands anywhere to bring out her own money. she was there smiling name-sakingly.  I didn’t know if the keke Man was her manfriend. He refused  giving me my Complete change.  

‘peace you too stingy o, you no dey do like peace atal’. He said before zooming off. I was awestruck. My own money!

Name-sake flagged a bike and had the guts to ask me if I had 100 Naira change to borrow her.  I already clenched my fist to throw punches. When that punch locates her umbrella nose, she would wake up after three market days and tell the world if I look  like Otedola’s spiritual wife. 

 Seeing my red-hot eyes, She didn’t even wait to collect the 100 Naira again .. She mounted her bike and sped off.  negodu this Yeye name-sake.

15 Replies to “About Today! ”

  1. omo…no dull moments for this blog site oooo…otedola’s spiritual wife…u for close eye forget the blow for her opportunist face, make she sleep wake up the day of her grandson wedding party…name sake fire!!! lolzzzzzzzz
    nice piece(piss piss)

  2. Hahahhahahaa my dear somebody has once called me “mess mess” from Nmesoma😂 can u imagine. Every negative namesakes oya die by fire….lolz. Nice work👍

  3. I can’t believe the answer has been right in front of us this whole time, yet nobody noticed….thé reason we’re all mad in this country is the heat…😅😅

    1. Lool.. I think I forgot to mention on this blog that my second baptismal name is precious. Pls name-sake I’l be needing common 1m for the season.. Il be expecting the bank alert

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