This thing doesn’t want to come out! 

People!!! For sometime now, I haven’t been able to successfully poop! If you think you’ve seen the worst cases of bow legs, then you need to see me now!  I literally walk like a woman who is in labour through her anus. The baby’s big head is stuck and cannot completely come out or go back in. You think you are indecisive? then you haven’t met my poop. Bitch wouldn’t come out or go back in completely!

I first had the urge to poo this poop on Friday, but you see, baby girl was too busy to sit down &wait in the toilet for logs of shit to drop. Instead, I went  to buy  ijebu garri. I bought 4 groundnuts, sugar, milk &eja dindin(fried fish). I poured everything inside a bowl and felt victorious. I mixed with cold-water, and as I drank, I saw heaven. I saw the Angels singing Hosanna. I saw myself with my bowl of garri in heaven. Heaven is such a beautiful place! I saw mother Mary preaching &telling some chubby children that man must not live by bread alone. 

Of cos kids! man must also try to live by ijebu Garri’.  i said as i strolled past them. 

I saw one of my Aunts, Aunty Agnes in heaven. She had died in her sleep in 1998 and  a lot of us had wished her hell after we heard the good news. You see, that woman always made fun of me and my siblings, especially my brother. Every time she saw him, she’d mockingly say ‘Eche! Eche! rain is falling, and I don’t  have umbrella. pls can i hide under your nose’?  Yes! Eche had a big nose so what? 

I saw our very own Bobrisky get rejected at heaven’s gate b/cos the Angel at the gate said the photo they had of him was very different from What he now looked like. Even though Bobrisky never gave me a dime of his money on earth , I thought I could plead on his behalf, but before I could bark the usual osshey baddest, I was deported back to reality to an empty bowl of garri. I vaguely raised one side of my buttocks, released fart, and then went to sleep without drinking water. 

 Saturday, i ate lots of things I cannot remember. The urge to poop  came again, and I said ‘shit pls! let a Bby girl be. Why didn’t you come before I had my bath? now that I’m clean, you want to soil my anus abi? pls enter inside, and sleep!

Sunday, i was dressing to church and it came again. I used the next  5minutes to speak in tongues. I held my buttocks and said ‘devil is trying to use you. dear shit, it is obvious you are not a child of God but believe me, i must take you to church & You must repent before I shit you’!

 Sunday afternoon, i ate rice with stew, chewed bones, swallowed, and then took my phone with my earpiece to the toilet. I was Jamming songs & chatting  when i gave the first push but no show. I pushed 10times and the 11th time,   One choco Milo sized one dropped. I knew that wasn’t the entire package as I still felt very full down there. I dropped my phone, pulled my blouse as I was sweating profusely. I pushed again, yet nothing dropped! I thought to stand up and go drink some water, but I couldn’t stand up. The shit didn’t want to enter inside. You don’t want to get out, you don’t want to get in. What do you really want? I tried to push it in, and after 20mins of its refusal, i came out from the toilet like that with legs acutely bowed as that was the position I had found a little comfort. My sister who was within eyeshot saw me and exclaimed.

Sis: Jesus! …did you bathe inside the toilet? 

Me: it is sweat! My shit didn’t come out. 

Sis: that why you now opened your legs like express road? Ehya and I heard that thing use to kill ppl o. 

Really? Of all the things to tell me in this condition? 

I followed a friend’s advice, and drank over 100litres of water this morning. I jogged round my compound like someone preparing for the Olympics. I ran and covered more distance than Usain Bolt. I  took oranges. I  prayed. I made promises to God. I told him i was always gon’ drink enough water every morning and after every meal, I told him I would never store and save shit in my shit bank. I said all these things, and I’m coming from the toilet now, sweating like a she-goat,yet  nothing came out! 

 Pls, if you are the one doing this to me, just stop already! I want to have decent conversations with people on my social media without talking about shit and anus. People be telling me how a mysterious snake swallowed 36million naira,and il be busy telling them how I feel  majority of us won’t make heaven b/cos we don’t  use our anus constantly as God wants. Bro Boniface on my whatsapp be telling me how he wants to propose to his girlfriend and il be like ‘bro boni, you and every part of you including your anus belongs to God! pls don’t forget to confess this  everyday. don’t forget to drink water before and after meal.It is well with your anus’!

Dear Brethren, pls pray for me. my anus is tired. Right now I don’t even know if it’s mine anymore. I’m typing with the last strength I can muster as I exhausted myself while pushing. what do you suggest I do?what do you suggest I eat. Do you think I should pray? If so,  how many days fasting and prayer?  pls help me! This thing doesn’t want to come out!

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  1. haahahaaaaaaaaaa….when I was 12, my kid brother had difficulty passing out his issues through his anus cos he was a baby. So my will use soap and water on it and his issues would spread out like rumors. You can try it out ur self and if symptoms continues after 3days, consult Ogun.
    p.s: delta antiseptic is more preferable and comes in an easy to use pack…

    1. You kid brother was 12 as at the tym of the incident. My Anus is twenty something years old. How sure are we sure that mere soup can soften anything?
      Pls gimme ogun’s number

  2. When I warned you about eating lumptious things u taught austine was joking. Was the garri lumpy too? I suggest you start eating more proteinous food. Too much Starchy food could cause that. You eat yam in the morning, eat cabin biscuit in-between meal. Eat fufu in the afternoon, drank tick garri in between meal again and eat agege bread at night. Why wont you have very strong and lumptious stool stronger than aso rock. Struggling in the toilet as if you are pulling down the walls of Jericho. Peace retire from lumptious Starchy food so that your anus would have peace. Such thing can cause pile but not your portion. Save this your precious nyash chinemerem by eating more proteinous food, fruits, foods with fibre and take much water.

      1. How can I forget my favorite lumpy pap. I am coming to lagos so get ready to prepare it for me. No be only your sister family is entitled to lumpy pap.

  3. Hehehehe, go and prepare yourself for labor, cos this is clearly a pikin, and start asking questions like what do I do to get this pikin out, the child Is due but the process isn’t working… instead of praying for what isn’t the case hahahaha.

  4. Okay so I promised to come back here. You have already done what I would have suggested. So the last thing I know about is pump.I heard they use this in hospitals to get out very hefty stubborn poop. Maybe you should give it a shot

      1. Lol. You can buy the bump and do it yourself or get someone to do it for you. You don’t need to show the doctor anything.

  5. + after this battle is over. You had better come back to us to testify. You cannot keep this kind of testimony to yourself. And also do try to poop every morning of each day.

  6. This lady! You’re actually not well at all LMAO! However I can deeply relate to this situation.. oh so deeply ‘it won’t go back in, won’t come out’ ah! Have you tried bathing with warm water?

  7. Thank you for still typing it through the pain 😂😂
    And hard luck dear
    But your title, mehhnnnn…..I started laughing before reading

  8. U go like fast for forty days and nights…I always cautioned u bout this ur everyday Garri intake..u don see am na…It is well…

  9. Ahahahahahahah, you have started again. I have kuku experience this kind thing before. I won’t share what I do when I get too upset in the toilet, it’s too gross.

    But I always pray o, because the pain and the anger is always too much for me to bear. So better start the fasting and prayer. Or take epsom salt, you’d shit your intestines out.

    1. Deb if i tell you all the things I had done with myself in my toilet since this strong poop ish. You’d never accept a handshake from me. Now and even in the future
      Thnxx dear. I already have a testimony 💃💃

  10. Hehe babe, by now you must be alright. What I do is increase my intake of green tea & water. Also lie down & massage your stomach in a circular motion & also massage in a horizontal direction. You’d also need to add more greens to your diet because you need the fibers. Hope this helps! <3

  11. I usually have problems with dedicating because of my irregular bowel movement and I get constipation a lot.. At a point, I had like 6 at the beginning of a semester, until I started watching what I eat..
    I’d advice you watch what you eat, take bananas and oranges more, detox too and drink lots of Water.. A doctor told me to be taking Ewedu 🤷
    Never hold your poop again love.

  12. that feeling, back then in school when there was nothing on me, i ate toast bread for 4days, i had to be taking bottle water to the toilet so it can be of ease, did that for 3days. lol

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