It took almost a thousand years of laziness to figure out what I want to do in this life and yes! Cliquetalk  was born to that effect. 

This is my first post which is where I have to do an introduction on the character behind this blog. 

I have different sides to me, that is what people say but I think that makes for an extroverted introvert. 

On over funded days (which are very rare days) you’d see me somewhere dabbing thanking God it’s Friday. other days, I am lying in bed all day with about 24 and half missed calls wondering why weekends are not Constituted curfews. Less of the time you’d see me attending all church activities -choir practice, layreader practice, alter girls practices in a bid to see if that’s where my talent hid -well until I discovered the pen. 

I am a twenty something year old woman and physics was my worst nightmare on high school street. My English teacher had a thing for my sister which explains all the distinctions I had in the subject.  I am not an English perfectionist so In your judgements remember English is nothing but a borrowed language and I seriously have a defect in using things that are not mine. incase I mistake come for cum, I apologize in advance. Before you go wondering the reason a lady profoundly epileptic in English Insists on opening a blog, I have an undying love for writing and will love to share my experiences especially the one of Neymar sliding into my Dm. When it starts to happen, I will tell you. 

I will be merging blogging with a work I am Yet to find (internship) and being a nanny to my 2nieces and 1nephew (a story for another day). I chose to Intern to see if Nysc can be finally scrapped before angel Michael and all his chariot trains me on how to accept  ‘Otondo’ as a compliment and not an Insult. 

As for being a nanny,  I didn’t choose it, it chose me! 

I hope we all give and receive love on here and create a large family that the Nigerian economy wouldn’t let us manage in reality.  We can do that by interacting, commenting, sharing ideas, suggestions on how to make this family larger and knitter.  You can also send suggestions to

The journey  might be slow and tacky sometimes as am not promising 100.1% consistency but I assure Cliquetalk fam that It will be worth it. 

I intend to post twice a week to allow me manage between job hunting and being a nanny.  On that note, tell your family, friends, colleagues, pastors, boss, crush and exes about this blog today and watch blessings fall on you. 

Thank you!

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