She proposed to him…. So what? 

This post was unplanned but I had to do this. I watched this particular video that’s been trending on Instagram for 2days now, about a lady who went down on her knees to propose to her boyfriend only for him to give her a side hug. The type of hug we Nigerians call the ‘deeper life hug’ and walked out on her. As if it’s the type of hug he gives her when wants to get that p*sy. incase you haven’t seen the video or you have seen it but want to see it again cos you think it’s funny and heartbreaking at the same time, watch it below! 

I don’t know what it is with ladies proposing to men here and there, but I know it’s not something I wish to do! I won’t go on my sexy knees asking you to marry me while you stand there like a native fowl, trying to decide if you really want to spend the rest your life with me or nah. Cameras are everywhere and my village people are behind the scenes, watching to see if you gona disappoint me so they can laugh in Chinese and shake their wrinkled ass. No way! 

That said, what I don’t understand is the reason people were slamming and blasting the lady over the proposal. That lady did not wake up one morning to propose to a stranger she was just meeting for the first time. They were apparently dating! She did what she did because she was proud of what they shared and  wanted him to know that. She probably thought he meant well for her. She must have thought he loved her as much as she did him. She must have thought he would appreciate her bold move. Most of us have done worst things for love compared to what that lady did,yet we still go ahead to judge her? 

I’m tired of people calling her a whore, a slut, a disgrace to womanhood and a desperate woman. Are we not the same people who go about preaching the ‘what a man can do, a woman can do it better’ gospel? What was wrong in her attempt to do what a man should have done biko? The most infuriating thing was how no one talked low of the man. Why did we choose to justify his cowardice or am i the only one who thought him a coward? Am i the only one who thought he was a heartless man incapable of love? My point is, even if he didn’t love her as much, it was still not enough to embarrass her!  I know that lady made it a public proposal for both of them to trend for good, but the man obviously is a lover of controversies whose 2018 goal was to make it to becoming instagram news of the week and hell he did it. If not, he would  just put on a charade, accepted the ring, hugged her,then he would have  taken her out of that place to a more discreet place where he would talk senses into her then return the ring. That way,  the whole episode would have been shorter and he would have helped the lady save some dignity for her future husband. But instead, he acted as if the lady was a total stranger who walked up to him in the mall to say ‘hello sir, marry me or I die’. Really?  he acted like he never liked her one bit since they started dating . I can’t call that lady desperate because all she did was love that guy! I can’t call her desperate because  she was a victim of an untrue love. If this didn’t happen, he would probably still be deceiving her by now.  It was  love that made her appear desperate. the same love that makes us do crazy things we never thought we’ll ever do.  Since i  watched  that video yesterday, I haven’t stopped listening to Roxette’s ‘it must have been love’, and my prayer point  has been; 

  • Dear lord! Any man that has been sent by my enemies to destroy my reputation and make me a laughing stock. Dear lord, cut his PS and shrink his balls, I repeat, cut his PS and crush  his balls with your mighty hands in Jesus name, Amen! 
  • Dear Lord!  Any man from the east,west, north or south who plans to  date me for 10year before realising he’s not totally into me, oh lord let that resounding  holy ghost fire that is released from mountain of fire churches everyday hit him back and front, left and right till he turns to coal…. Amen!
  • Abbah Father! please let me not be a victim of public disgrace especially when the guy in question isn’t half as handsome as Bobrisky….Amen! 

Some men are just wicked! SMH 

Brothers and sister, what do you have to say about this? 

42 Replies to “She proposed to him…. So what? ”

  1. Lol… U ur prayer points tho..

    Well, you said it all there… He should have been mature about turning her down, like accept the ring smiling, and excitedly take her off the scene to clear the air… He did wrong there by dragging her dignity across the entire Nation.

    She probably did realize the realities in the relationship, she allowed herself see what she wants and not the scope of the relationship…

    Communication is key! Listening has power in it, she obviously wasn’t seeing the relationship, she’s only driven by what she “wants”.. I wouldn’t say she was deceived, nah… She just wasn’t Listening enough.

    There’s the level your relationship will get to you where you can tell his thoughts not by trying, just by knowing. “Transparency of both partners is what brings Understanding, such that’s derived from Listening”.

      1. I personally feel there’s no kinda communication they would have communicated. The guy had ulterior motives from the beginning. He didn’t plan to show signs or tell her stuffs that would make her doubt his love for her while he could still get that P*sy. The girl cannot listen to what she wasn’t told or see signs that weren’t there until the big SmackDown!

    1. Biko leave those prayer points….oluwa already answered!
      Maybe the lady didn’t realise the guy wasn’t just into her. Maybe she refused to see the signs until this happened… Maybe they didn’t communicate enough. She was probably driven and blinded by love cos that’s how I choose to see it. Regardless, I think the police should arrest that man! Someone that can do this to a girl he has moaned with, can kill the rest of us who haven’t moaned with him and never will.

  2. I saw the video and and a follow up explanation that he refused because he is married.
    So instead of blaming the cheating man with prolly undescended testis, people still concentrated on blaming the lovestruck girl.
    Even cheap girls I know did a whole Facebook post mocking her.
    Although I don’t agree with her making that bold move in public and I don’t subcribe to proposing to a man, she did it and her crime was falling in love with the wrong guy.

    1. Can you imagine? So he was waiting for that moment to tell her he was married?
      how can a man be so heartless? This is a wake up call to us girls. Before we agree to date him, we have to do proper background check! We have to go to his home to ask questions. ask his friends, his pastor even his ancestors. This shit so crazy!

  3. omo I’m fuseconed, in the first place I never had imagined that a girl would propose to me cos I believe that should be my work, bet also if a girl would do this and I’m not comfy I won’t embarrass her I will silently take her to… just as you said, but I think some men are really shy “some” not all men, and it’s possible he’s one of those kind of men, iono just trying to make it look comfy to talk about…

    1. Who is a shy man? The one who is bold enough to say he is married to another lady?

      Pls he wasn’t shy!… Don’t even try to paint it all nice Bcos it isn’t! He bailed out on her cos he was allegedly married to a spirit who never showed up all those tyms they spent the cold nights together.

  4. Oh God! Let me laugh first. 🤣🤣🤣 Your prayer points though. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.
    But really, It was so embarrassing. I can’t even imagine the state she will be right now.. she tried to make him feel special and he acted stupid. That friendly hug he gave her was just annoying he should have just accepted the ring and break up with her later. Sigh I don’t think she’s actually wrong, I can’t do it, but I can’t just judge her. She was blindly in love. Great post b. ❤

    1. I so pity her…… I just hope she doesn’t think of suicide. If it was in yanky this shit happened, the lady would have jumped over a bridge. Thank goodness for the kinda Fufu hearts we have here. Lord be praised!

  5. 😂😂😂 I’m dead. Please just for verification does PS mean PENIS.. As in Dick😂😂😂. And the way u have called that balls I don’t think I’ll ever have yam balls again. Babe u crack me up like mad. Ladies pls let us be wise. I don’t even want to go deep into this. But all I v told say is we need to pray for anyone we fall in love with biko. This shit is crazy.

  6. First of all, Amen to all those prayers. I actually thought it was a joke or performance until I saw the young lady cry bitterly. Therefore, to agree with you, this wasn’t a guy she just met, and he just gave her a side hug and walked away, what happened to putting up a show to save her dignity? Who even knows how long he’s been dating her that she had to propose first? While I don’t support ladies outrightly proposing to a man, this dude is wicked.

    1. Thank you. At least to save her dignity. I’m sure he’s happy we talking about him now. I heard from someone who claimed to know the lady that they had dated for 4years or so. I wonder how she is living her life right now. God!

  7. Hahahaha
    Those prayer points tho😂

    Well, the part of the world where i come from, Men proposing to their ladies has been the trend.

    “What a man can do, a woman can do better” mentality has made some women misbehave alot.
    Ofcourse Eve was made ‘of’ Adam and Adam found her!! Not the other way round.

    Its okay for women to be the “help meet” as its supposed to be judging from Christian principles, but No! women alwayswant to do it better therefore making these men so relaxed.

    Some of them literally stare at their responsiblities and simply walk away from them, just because they feel women have super powers.
    Go to Benin Republic and see how their women roll and toil to make ends meet for their families and their husbands will be out there womanizing.

    You can propose to your boyfriend when you leave Nigeria and environs please.
    Somewhere that their mentality is somewhat ‘sane’

    I dont pity her 1bit, for her to take that decision she should at least expect a “yes” or a “no”
    Both are answers to questions.

    Why then is she all out in tears after getting a No?

    Yes, i have a conscience just incase😏

    1. Hmmmmmmmm… I was just gona ask that… Where is your conscience MA?
      Just tell me where it is…i will go find it and bring it back to you lol.

      I get you points though. But why must it be a man that should propose in this part of the world Biko. Where is it in the Bible that men must propose first?

  8. Lol! Your prayers! Amin to them! I pray you meet a wonderful man who will only have eyes for you 🙂
    About this lady, I find nothing wrong with proposing to a man, at least she knows now where she stands & won’t waste her time anymore. Quite sad that she’s been mocked just by an act of Love. 🙁
    I wrote a post with my take on why women should propose, you can check it out when you are free 🙂

  9. This idea of what a man can do a woman can do better is totally wrong.. Women should stop doing things base on this fallacy especially when it has to do with the responsibilities solely and specifically assigned to men… Marriage is an institution created by God and it has laws and principles guiding it… It is clearly written he who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord.. Not the other way round.

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