Can we take a minute to talk about the trending sex dolls? 

How do i forgive myself if i never post about these dolls?  I mean, i tried not to because some people will say peace, you are too naughty! Peace, what have sex dolls done to you?  Peace, are you perturbed  your boyfriend may dump you for a doll with more boobs and bum bum than you?…I genuinely could have shrugged off this trend  but then, I go on twitter to connect with real human beings, and these robotic looking women with  gigantic rubber boobs and butts are all over my wall like we all related. Really? 

What is wrong with these dolls? 

These Foreign rubber dolls think they can come from no where and start to trend simply because they  know how to have sex? C’mon dolls! Everyone knows how to have sex! The only reason our men are euphoric  upon your invention is because they know you dolls are not programmed to complain. You dolls cannot  complain when they are hitting and shifting your rubber wombs. They know you dolls are never tired of sex b/cos that is what you are created for. They know you dolls cannot complain no matter how big or too small they are. They know you rubber dolls  are only programmed to say ‘thank you sir’,  even  after they must have disfigured  your rubber pu*sy, making it look like this; 

It’s funny how our men are considering to purchase  these dolls even when we know majority of them  cannot afford it. Let’s say you guys manage to afford it in your imaginations, hope you have enough money to buy fuel so you can always charge it up to 100%. If you dont, then i’m afraid this will be your case:

You: oh yeaaaahhhhhh! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!  

Russian doll: Battery low! battery low! It’s time to terminate mission! I have been programmed to terminate mission at 4% battery flat. charge me if you want to continue this episode. I repeat, charge me if you want to con… this episo….de (voice fades into rubber air…..) 

You: pls! I beg you! You can’t die now!  Just give me 2seconds… Don’t do this to me! Remember I sold my plot of land to buy  you. Just let me cum. pls! 

……….Russian doll turns off and then, you run off  with your standing PS  to meet your neighbour whose generator is on and you be like; 

God help you, I am that your neighbour….the curses I’ll lay on you will make your PS fall like the wall of Jericho.

I went on Google to see how people are reacting to the new dolls and here are some of the things I found:

I totally agree with Solomon! Solomon for president!

 I also saw tweets of some ladies who talked about putting up a  protest against sex dolls. Why should a ‘woman’ being take out her time to protest against pure rubber? Who has that time?  I am not threatened by sex dolls at all. I go to my man’s house and find a sex doll, it’s simple! I just pick the rubber bitch by the hair, take it outside and burn it up!  And no,  It’s not called murder! It’s called Recycling . The rubber can be used to make other important things like spoons and plates.  We  are trying to devise an expedient means to reduce the Nigerian population and you men  are there trying to increase it by adopting sex dolls just because you want non stop sex?  what exactly is it with men and fornication? 

Some guy from was busy listing the pros of sex dolls as compared to woman beings and his list went thus:

  • Sex dolls won’t ask for money to go shopping.
  • Sex dolls won’t ask you to buy them iPhones.
  • Sex dolls won’t tell you not to cheat. 
  • Sex dolls won’t say they are tired after 6rounds.
  • Sex dolls are not possessive.
  • Sex dolls remain loyal. 

 He could be right. I’m not disputing the fact, but here are my own questions:

  • Can sex dolls pray for you? 
  • Can sex dolls cook for you? 
  • Can sex dolls do chores for you?
  • Can sex dolls give you business ideas? 
  • Can you take sex dolls to meet your parents as the woman you want to marry ? 
  • Lastly, can your sex dolls twerk on it? we all know how you guys grunt like cows on slaughter table when  you getting it twerked on. so can they twerk on it? 

Apologies to any sex doll reading this. I am not nursing any grudge against you. Infact, you dolls are the least of my worries. However, i  worry because i read somewhere that people Can now build their own sex dolls according to their specifications. That means, anyone can take your picture, send it to China and they will make a sex doll in your image and likeness. That is how i’ll be in church praising my God here in Lagos, not knowing that my effigy is  somewhere in Aba, getting charged for round 10  with one brother Sixtus whose PS is longer than Nigeria’s national anthem. Oh lord! 

 Guys!!! would you buy a sex doll if it was affordable? Girls, are you threatened by these sex dolls? Are you for or against it? 

55 Replies to “Can we take a minute to talk about the trending sex dolls? ”

  1. 😂 😂 I no fit laugh enough, I won’t slay myself here, but I will say this one thing, one mans food is another mans poison, at least this will reduce the rate of rape and murder… everything with advantage has a disadvantage. I ‘may’ not buy this thing but that doesn’t mean it isn’t solving problems out there 😂, not mine but some people’s problems

    1. LMAO.. How are we sure it’s not solving your problems Biko cos from the way you sound, You ain’t totally against it. You sound Like if someone buys and give you, you will collect.

    1. Really? Too uptight or money conscious?
      I like to take it that majority of you men are stingy and always wanting to take and not give!
      Some men dont have a problem with buying a sex doll for 800k but will complain when their gal asks for money for upkeep.

  2. loooooooooool… interesting as always…so sex is the only thing a woman can offer abi? because she’s giving d sex good, sex doll is considered… in another way sha.. imagine if there were male sex dolls? tell me if the same ladies wouldn’t purchase it themselves

  3. Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Biko biko biko
    Rapu m aka this geh😂
    Leave me alone!

    Im looking for male sex doll sha💪😜
    If you like go and tell your village pipu😂

    To all the guys who may be reading this,
    Please if you own or planning to own a sex doll, please help me remove the wig on her head, and keep for me.

    Those wigs are freaking cute😍
    If you buy Aba made doll, please keep your wig to yourself.😂

  4. 😂😂😂😂😂 this girl is a she goat. @all the sex dolls reading this😂. And I agree to what Solomon said. Sad part is ordinary 25k to buy hair ds guys will not give dere babe o. But they go buy sex dolls of 800k. God will help us.

  5. Hahahah! I agree with President Solomon o! Don’t trust any guy with these dolls. In fact, boy bye! but I agree with one reader, please keep the wigs for me.
    PS: I cant be threatened by ordinary rubber, durhhh…
    they can’t even twerk on it.

    1. Hahaha. Those wigs Ehn… I didn’t even think of it. Some guys were saying they would dump their gals for sex dolls. It got me wondering what attracted the gals to those guys in the first place… A man that can choose rubber over u? SMH

  6. What’s you ladies own with sex doll, or you all scared your to be husband would have banged a doll .. Is it your PS.. Leave them and their doll alone.. Deir hell will be different.

    1. Hehe.. Pls it’s not my PS…. Mine is in a better place and it’s not even rubber! We are only concerned about you men. So you ppl don’t end up with another form of Ebola.

  7. I saw a video about the sex doll and its features, would I want to have sex with it ? I definitely want to try it (out of curiosity😈), is it worth having? Ehhh yes (if it was like 1,500)
    Can it replace a real woman? Never ever. So at it end I just belive it’s like having a sex toy, just like a woman would have a dildo or a vibrator. Man can have sex toys but like the say, “if it’s not panadol, then it’s not the same thing as panadol”

    1. LMAO… You want to buy sex doll for 1,500naira? You think it’s teddy bear? Just wait Ehn.. When aba boys start making theirs, I’d notify you.. I’m sure it’l be cheaper than 1,500.

    1. And after contracting the disease, they start saying its their village ppl that is pursuing them not knowing its the sex doll they smashing every hour of the day.

      Thanks for visiting … il sure check yours out!

    1. What you still don’t understand is… If air is blown into a vibrator, it becomes a cucumber.
      But when air is blown into a sex doll, it becomes a woman.
      U cannot compare a harmless dildo to a sex doll …the latter has the ability to strangle you in your sleep!

  8. Sex doll ain’t replacing nobody. It’s for guys who don’t get laid often or don’t get laid at all. Just for substitution and emergency WAy of relieving stress When there is no lady around . And also they made it to reduce masturbation lolzzz. In all I think it’s just a substitute to women.

      1. There are male sex dolls for women, long before the female sex dolls were made. Women, over time, have had luxury of sex toys to satisfy their fantasies. A female sex doll just started trending because of it added robotic features.

  9. The reality is, since sex toys have been satisfying ladies, Men would now resort to sex doll that they can turn 360 degree without it complaining. The sacredness of sex has been defiled starting from when woman sleep with woman and man with man. I want to ask, if one’s bf or husband has sex with a sex doll, would you say he is cheating. If yes, then he cheated with a sex doll. Funny. Gradually it would take over the market just like vibrators. Cheaper ones are coming i bet u once china gets hold of it. Guys would now marry just for having kids n not even for sex. He can have baby mama n use pride price money to buy a sex doll that cant get tired, that can do snake in d monkey’s shadow style. The bottom line is that, this wasnt God’s plan for human sexuality. It offends GOD. I like it natural as God created it and nothing can replace that. That mutual human emotional connection in sex is the bomb. Whatever GOD created is original. Toys, dolls etc makes u slave to sex. Sodom and gomorra go soon better pass us.

    1. Not fully back yet. Still keep updating me with the link of any new post. Still not getting mail alert yet.

  10. Hahaha oh goodness! What an interesting topic! I’m not against them as I view them the same as any other sex toys. Better a man to cheat on me with Ms. Rubber thing than Ms. Real thing!

    1. Lool.. I read a news yesterday that a Batswana man divorced his wife for a sex doll Bcos the sex dolls allegedly performs wonders in bed compared to his wife…
      So now I have given you the gist, you still think him cheating with a sex doll is a safe option?

      1. Whaaaaat?!?!?! I would like to say what Donald Trump says : FAKE NEWS!!
        Hahaha oh but that’s so funny if it’s true! Yes! That rubber slut can have him cause he’s clearly crazy & I have saved myself from a coocoo head! 😀

  11. sex doll is hell naw…. take yourself outside your body and look at yourself having sex with a doll, thats craziness

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