Talking about nudity..

Hello house! 

This topic is not unfamiliar or is there anyone here who doesn’t know that nudity is a best seller in the entertainment industry? 

Who doesn’t know that if you don’t show some flesh or have boobs & bum  that erupts like earth quake, you ain’t getting anywhere on that A list ladder. That’s the  more reason people  like me who have nothing but hands to shake had to stick with blogging. Wait a minute, you think I never had plans of becoming an actress?  I had dreams people! I had plans! So one faithful day, I was looking through  profiles of actresses that were fast rising as at the time and cossy orjiakor was one of them, but when  I saw how explicitly she flashed those boobs of her’s that are bigger than all my life problems, I changed focus.

 It was hard to tell if it was her boobs or her  that was fast rising.  Cossy has allowed her boobs roam the earth innumerably, and it’s only safe to say  her boobs became an actress before she did.  It set the pace, it did all the hardwork while she took all the glory.  It is  almost impossible to recognize her in a movie or music video, if not for her gigantic boobs that are not too happy when covered. So, when someone is like ‘oh that is cossy orjiakor right? Can she act? 

Me: Well her boobs can. 

Them: Is she making it as an actress? 

Me: Her boobs are definitely making it. 

Disclaimer: Dear Cossy, incase you ever get to see this mistakingly, Don’t get it twisted! I love you.  I only worry that maybe, just maybe, your boobs won’t follow you to heaven!

Anyways,  Ndubuisi  sent a post on how Tanzanian government have  banned their artistes from posting raunchy photos on social media platforms. They do not want their celebrities naked anymore. They don’t want their music videos  full of girls on bikinis!

 After reading through, the first few questions i asked myself were;  ‘why blame these people for getting naked? Who encourages them to get naked? Who follows them on social media? Who gives them a million likes on those nude photos? Who buys their videos?  Are they not naked b/cos nudity is more lucrative? Then again, why blame them for getting naked’? 

Who is yet to see a Case of a decently dressed lady who put up her pic with caption #jesussaves, but couldn’t get up-to 7likes to save her life. Then, another lady whose face is like a battlefield  posts a photo wearing  small letter ‘g’-string with caption #fucky’all, and in 2mins, the whole world stops on her page. The next day she is on Timaya’s video as a vixen! 

Tell me, if you read her testimony, wouldn’t you Won’ fuck us all  in your own g-string? 

Gone are the good old days when Talents, intellects, Skills worked. Now, nudity is the price for fame! Those directors want to know how bold & fearless you are. They want to know if you can put your body on public display b/cos only then can they generate revenue. A lot of ppl have become famous  by revealing their bodies. Ask Kim k, Roman goddess, Maheeda, Beverly osu etc. These people have got millions of likes on a pic b/cos of how Slutry it was. They have become brand influencers, MVPs, instagram delights, name it. 

Some how, I am forced to wonder what would happen if such law be implemented in Nigeria. We all know how some movies and music videos in this country can make for porn videos -no thanks to our actresses and video vixens.

In Nigeria, the song title could be ‘bless me father’ & b/cos you want God’s blessings  on a Monday morning , you tune in to watch. Before you can drop the TV remote, two ladies on lacy lingeries are already twerking like heaven and earth are about to pass away. Infact,  one is using her bum to push the other off the stage. The artiste, most likely Timaya, appears amidst them while they relentlessly twerk on him.  You who’s watching it will start having orgasm on their behalf. Remember all you wanted was God’s blessing but now, you need another type of blessing. You need  good p*sy. You cannot hold it anymore. You’re already vibrating like some1 who has evil spirit. You pick up your phone to call bae and you like ‘come over here sweet pus, let me munch you like spaghetti bolognese’!  She says she is in church  and will not be able to make it. You angrily hangup. You look around with no soft holes anywhere to penetrate.. You don’t even have a Vaseline to make the wank smooth either. You look through your window,  and see your dog, named bingo.  you take a bone from your waste bin and lure bingo to your room. then,  you grind  the poor dog from behind. 2days later, bingo dies and you tell people it was food poisoning. Goodness! 

 These ppl make us commit unaccountable sins! They show us way too much than we are supposed to see. If you think i am exaggerating, see what a South African socialite wore to an event some time back as i reported on

Whose future wife is this Biko?

You see how mad people can get?  Mad for fame! I am very sure this lady got millions of likes on this pictures. We are the ones who slam them openly but we  go ahead to like their pictures. What exactly are we banning then?  are they not giving society what it wants to see? 

I don’t know about you guys but I am tired of seeing pussies and boobs flying around like fireworks. I have never liked it! I have never encouraged it!  My brothers and male friends do not masturbate with Kim Kardashian’s nude!  society cannot  ban what it encourages. If you against it, never support it. Don’t buy Vaseline and keep in your house to masturbate with Kim k’s nude then, come here and say you banning your dick?

And to you the so-called celebrities. stop getting naked! I want to see your photos, watch your movies and music videos to get positive inspiration and not to get HORNY! If I wanted to watch porn, I know all the right links to click. pls help me! Help us! Lead us not into temptation….some of us really want to make this heaven. Thank you!

That said, what do you guys have to say about this, and My ladies, can you go this far for fame? 

Happy New month Fam! 

37 Replies to “ Talking about nudity..”

  1. I want to make heaven by all means, but why am I being led into temptations by media… and thee dog part, I did not see that coming, I died at that part. I’m not against nude photos I’m only against responsible ladies trying to get likes for reasons only them know. If they’re doing this for money I won’t judge them, but if it is for fame or roles they may never fully get. Then… nawa ooo. #iwanttomakeheaven

    1. Lool… U and this dog part.. there something you want to tell us?
      I am against nude photos
      It leads majority of you men to temptations u won’t be able to account for on the last day.
      Are u sure u really won’t make this heaven?

  2. Hahaha…cossy orjiakor you see your life outside?..anyway madam cliquetalk,I don’t know you and this is my first tym here and I must say you are really talented ma. Keep it up.

    As for the topic at hand, everyone prefers to be naked this days. Its not right! The fact that it trend now doesn’t make it right. If this generation is like this..I wonder how the next would be.

    1. yeah for some reason, everyone prefers to be naked and it has nothing to do with the whether. I just hope God finds a place in his heart to forgive us of these sins… Truly we don’t know what we are doing!
      Ps: thanks Angel, I’m. Happy u feel that way about me.. I appreciate your feedback. Pls keep visiting ❤

  3. Okay. I don’t subcribe to nude pictures or half nude ones.
    I think music videos have become something else.
    Someone will be singing about God blessing him with money and girls will be crawling on the floor with g-string.

    1. It’s really sad!
      What are they teaching the younger generation?.
      Girls be crawling Upandan like lizards all in the name of money and fame. Smh
      And I heard some vixens are not paid more than 10k.

  4. And that was how I sat close to a sister in one of those Pentecostal rocket science churches. with both of her upper Volta exposed like half moon and my left eye dancing “one Coner” in between her both half moon and also battling with the temptation of relaxing my hands on her exposed hot laps. I av heard a man of God say temptation isn’t sin but when you look at a woman lustfully, you have done the thing already. These ladies put someone into temptations they can’t deliver him from. Temptations would be flying like ak47bullets. Chinemerem!, I heard you mention bingo. The essence of all these nudity is to turn people into human bingo both the watcher and the watchee(sorry for that English) someone wants a cheap fame, you only become a famous bingo through nudity. If you rise to fame by becoming a bingo, you Ill sustain the fame by being a bingo. Vanity upon vanity. Decent Ladies re the bomb. Fame or no fame.

    1. 😂😂😂😂…i have laughed.
      I was trying to imagine how that your left eye was dancing one corner …

      Well yeah decent ladies may be the bomb but they don’t get enough appreciation. You guys only seem to drool over the half naked ones. The only tym you remember there are decent girls is about the tym you want to get married. Then your mom would help you pick a very decent girl most likely from the village.
      Cos a lot of people have subscribed to the dogma of ‘decent girls are only found in the village’.

      1. The village gals that av been doing it under cocoyam leave with village chemist giving them cassava acid to drink to wash away their sins, yet the 9months contract would still be fully completed. Village gals be like “I cant abort my child” while she don already try cocoyam mixed with cassava acid given by village chemist which didnt abort anything.

  5.  boobs of her’s that are bigger than all my life problems, I changed focus. Oh my Lordd!! The price of fame.. What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?

    1. Pls preach… It will Profit them 10,000 likes on instagram and of cos… That’s popularity.
      This days everyone wants to be popular whether for good or for bad and the funny thing is, we all seem to encourage it. We like those pictures and call them our #WCE

  6. I’m with you on this. I know quite a number of people who are famous without us seeing anything as close as their shoulder. It’s really annoying and unnecessary.

    And a lot of people end up falling into temptation because of what they see. These days, I rather listen to an audio that watch a musical video.

    My eyes shall see no evil, lols

    1. Hahaha@ I rather listen to an audio than watch a musical video. You are really trying to avoid temptation.
      I hope our eyes makes heaven on the last day cos it has seen enough.

  7. loooooooooool…. ah swear peace…ur on point… I want to do breast enlargement pls, e be like say big boobs now is equals to bright future… thoughtful article by the way peace…smiles

    1. Hahaha… The way ppl make emphasis on Big boobs ehn…i hope they don’t Strt listing it as part of jobs criteria. Ppl like me wil be eternally unemployed

  8. I can see the pubic hair right off the lens of that South African Celeb. And that photo trends for days with everybody talking about it.

    It pays so competition begins. Stiff competition. I am with you: Lead us not into temptation. Especially in churches. Let out spirits rest in peace. Not on the fleshy thighs.

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