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So it was my birthday yesterday, and in case you never heard,  it isn’t too much of a good feeling when you know you are drastically aging and there’s nothing you can do about it. pls don’t doubt me. I’m talking from experience! 

I feel so old that when younger people drag me  into their juvenile conversations, I’m tempted to start off with an advice, and then end with the popular proverb  ‘what an elder sees when sitting down, a child cannot see even if  he climbs the tallest tree’.

Writing this made me remember a time I so wanted to become an adult. I wanted to live like a grown up, do what grown ups did and have all that freedom, but now, I don’t think I want to age anymore. It came too early! For heaven’s sake, the year hasn’t even matured,  and I am already growing spiritual grey hair! 

Please, if there is any  9-year-old here whose best topic in social studies is trade by barter, pls come to my house let us exchange age. It comes with extra benefits of owning my adult wardrobe, my adult freedom,my adult life and of cos, my adult problems.

 I really want to be young again. Life was less problematic as a child. I want those years I would  watch cartoons all day and the worst challenge of the day would be choosing beween  Tom and Jerry on STV and  Pinky & the brain on LTV.  I want those days  I’d sleep and roll from my bed to the floor without having to wake up at night to think of my life and how much I have achieved and what next.  Those days  I’d buy my sanitary pad and hide it inside my shirt b/cos I was embarrassed and shy. I didn’t want people to know I used a pad or perhaps the fact that I had a vagina. I miss  also, the undiluted liberty of bathing in the rain.

You see,  when I was younger, I thought  at this age, I would own my estates, have the cars, have the booming businesses, and be on Forbes list as the Linda Ikeji or Chimamanda of our time but WordPress is where I am today, telling y’all that none of these happened. Not yet! the only  soothing thing about  old age for me right now, is how everyone calls me Aunty, and how they prostrate to greet me at all hrs of the day. 

Although, I didn’t throw  a birthday  bash, I had  amazing testimonies I’d like to see as God’s way of wishing me a Happy Birthday. One of our blog visitors, Mr N, flooded my bank account yesterday with  lots of money! Oh yes! He said he wanted us to move to a self hosted domain💃💃💃💃 This is not the first time Mr N has gone out of his way for me without me asking. God bless you abundantly Mr N. I can’t thank you enough. 

 Again, Another blog visitor gave me a pre-birthday job offer. I really cannot thank you people enough.  Thanks for thinking for me. I pray God will never stop thinking for you also. 

And yes! To all my amazing bloggers who had nominated me for various awards, I am totally grateful to you. Forgive that I have not found time to make a post on the awards. I am a very forgetful and lazy person you know.  Thanks to simcindy, George, treasure, girleccentric  (I guess that’s all) Pls guys, do check out these blogs. If you love me, you’d love them too. They all inspire me! 

I also want to  appreciate  my loyal Bvs for taking time to be here. I know i am neither the best writer nor blogger, but for some reason, majority of you keep coming back. Thank you all. It can only get better!

Thanks to everyone and thanks to God for a blessed yesterday!!❤❤

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  1. Lol..yeah I know that old age feeling.anyways you will get use to it soon.happy belated birthday dear cliquetalk.thanks for all the laugh moments. God’s grace will rest upon you forever.Amen

  2. Happy belated!!!!
    I’m so glad that your birthday turned out really great. Your next year celebration would definitely be bigger and better…who knows your name might just appear on Forbes list😁

  3. Happy Belated Birthday, my babe! I want to thank you for being such an incredible blogger. Your blog always makes me laugh & smile for hours. Thank you for being YOU! May all your wishes & dreams come true. Amin! <3

  4. Ah, how did I not know this? Is it because of the cake torment I am likely to disturb you with?

    Happy birthday darling, may heaven make all your dreams come through and may this new age favour you and bring all its blessings to you.

    About growing up, you just brought back memories of Pinky and the Brain. I love Johnny Bravo too. I also remember the struggle to be the first to wear bra and not I don’t even want to go out wearing one.

    Life is in phases, my dear. Just embrace this adulthood and all the bills that comes with it, lols.

    1. Lool @johnny bravo
      How did I forget that funny cartoon..
      Thanks Bby girl for your prayers..
      I’m trying to embrace adulthood trust me.. But you see those bills? Mba!

  5. Old age? You are hiding something I don’t know. I heard the older we get the closer we get to wisdom, and I hear wisdom is only gotten in heaven… Anyway, you are one of the smartest persons I have come to know, and I will continue to thank God for a person like you in my life. Happy birthday Ami one more time, I wish you more “fans” to blow away all the worries we’re facing in this present regime.

  6. Happy belated birthday dear Peace. May you age with grace and accomplish all your that your heart desires. Remember, fine wine tastes better!

  7. Happy Birthday sweetheart!

    I also would have chosen to be 6years over and over again but No, il choose my age now cos im grateful for all the opportunities and lessons and im glad they came now not when i’m 40. Lol

    I may not have even met a clown like you if i were to be 6again😩

    God’s blessings baby girl❤️

  8. Belated Happy Birthday! You’re being “old” makes me “ancient”, so I can say that the joy in a birthday is only up to its owner. The saying used to be: “You’re not getting older, you’re getting better.” I am sure that applies in your case!

  9. Happy birthday dear…Don’t worry by God’s grace you will even be bigger and better than Linda ikeji and chimanmada. I wish you long life and prosperity. ❤❤

  10. Happy belated birthday dear❤❤.
    Your blog always makes me ask myself why I didn’t think of blogging about what you blogged about with so much humour. (if that makes any sense😩)

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