I haven’t paid my tithe since January!

Am I the only one who hasn’t paid her tithe since the beginning of this year???

I am talking about this now because my guilty conscience has killed me and is about to bury me. Every time I am buying my 1,500 naira human hair or trying to spoil myself silly with 200naira Boli (roasted plantain) and 50 naira groundnut, my subconscious pricks me with “Hmm peace, be buying ekpa but remember you have not paid ya tithe”. When I’m in the toilet trying to poop and the thing doesn’t want to come out and I am trying to tell God to pls forgive me my sins and allow the thing to just come out, my subconscious creeps in with,” peace how will it come out when you will not pay ya tithe”.

Sometime ago, I was on a very long queue under the unrepentant scorching sun. I was determined to withdraw my last 2k. Every other person before me was able to dispense successfully but immediately it got to my turn, no more service! You should have seen how those people were looking at me like an embodiment of bad luck. They started throwing subtle shades. “which Kain bad luck some people carry come this queue this afternoon”, ” all these yellow girls with marmi water spirit ehn”. ” yellow aunty pls shift to one side let us know if the service will return”. I stood apart like an abandoned native fowl trying so hard to stop those tears from falling and as They continued their derogatory remarks about me, my subconscious quietly echoed ” when you will not pay ya tithe nko”.

The guilt is so major, I literally now associate every of my misfortune to the fact that I haven’t given God his own 10% since the month of January until now. Growing up I heard stories of people who always met misfortunes bcos they didn’t pay their tithes.

So now, any small headache I have, I’m like, “why this strange headache? Is it bcos I haven’t paid my tithe?”

When I slide into a cute guy’s dm on IG and he doesn’t want to love me back, I go all “God why me? Is it bcos I haven’t paid my tithe?”

When I walk pass a mechanic workshop and one of the apprentice is doing ssssswwewhhhhh(as if he is calling his fellow snake), and then runs to me to tell me how I look so much like his missing rib, I weep in my soul and ask God why he has refused to intervene in my situation or is it because I haven’t paid my tithe?

How about the day I went on Facebook to see a thousand photos of Regi Regi (my Facebook crush) on bended knee in front of one woman that is not even fine and then captioned it “she said yes”. I almost broke the walls of our house screaming, “Regi Regi has married another woman because I haven’t paid my tithe”.

Any bad thing that happens to me, my mind tells me it’s because I haven’t paid my tithe”.

I am tired!

I am Anglican by birth and used to attend an Anglican Church but since I started staying with my sister who is married to a catholic, I started attending a Catholic Church. Later, my sister’s husband introduced us to this Pentecostal Church which soon turned to our most frequented Church. From time to time we would attend catholic but almost never Anglican. I don’t think i have stepped into an Anglican Church throughout this year. In fact, I don’t think I remember the process of worship there.

My Anglican Church is a church of humble beginning with humble beginners. The building is incomplete with little or no space for the children’s dept. It has no doors or walls around it. only roof. The members may not be exactly poor but none of them drives a Benz, Bentley or any of those cars you see parked in front of churches like house on the rock, synagogue or Christ embassy. It is this kind of church where you don’t need to squeeze & hide your 50naira in your palm before going to put it in the offering bag becos there was no need to. Every other person there was also giving 50 naira offering or 20naira, So you with 50naira should be proud of yourself. Even though I admit I’d never find my Mr right in that church, I accept that the church molded me. Before I started earning my 10k naira stipend, before I started having boobs and ass & Before I even properly learned to pronounce parallelogram, I had been a member of that church and so I always feel indebted.

Our Pentecostal Church is those big man church. If you mistakenly come like 30minutes late, you may not find space to park your car. You have ushers singing & welcoming you from the church gate, and then immediately you enter inside the church auditorium, you will feel the intense AC. Your skin may start to think it is in the U.S and you may need to change your accent accordingly. You cannot! I repeat, you cannot be proud of your 500naira offering becos you see people put bundle of 1000 naira notes into their offering envelops 😳 before dropping it in the offering bag. I’d usually wait until it was prayer time when people were closing their eyes before I skillfully squeeze out my 50naira from my bag to the offering envelop bcos I cannot be put to shame! When it’s time for donations, the least amount a calvarian can donate is 1M! Brothers and sister, who am I? Even though I have a feeling I’d find my Mr right in that church, I don’t pay my tithe there bcos they are rich enough and wouldn’t be needing my 1k tithe.

Our Catholic Church? I don’t even know when they call for tithers. I am there but my mind is always in the puff puff that is sold at the other end of the church. The church is well populated and quiet affluent . They have myriads of cars parked outside during masses & congregations are always using 10 bags of rice, 10 cartons of malt, 10 tubers of yam and 3 tolotolo for thanksgiving. They are rich enough too so I have held back my tithe from them.

I have always maintained that until I find time to go to my Anglican Church( which is quite a distance), I wasn’t giving my tithe to any other church. Reasons are;

  1. I am Anglican
  2. They need the money more than the other churches
  3. My money would be more significant there

I feel like I’d be betraying the entire Anglican communion if I paid my tithe to another church which is the reason I haven’t paid my tithe since January as I haven’t worshipped in my Anglican church. My sister keeps saying it doesn’t matter which church I pay my tithe bcos it’s the same God but then, I am aware that God doesn’t come down from heaven to take this money from the offering bag. He doesn’t send Angel Michael to come and collect the tithe envelops and use it to build more mansions in heaven. I am aware that the tithe money is used by the church for charity or is invested in the church and so, from the aforementioned churches we already know which one deserves my tithe right?

I don’t know if I make sense or not but It’s been confusing deciding where to pay my tithe and if I continue being this selective, I may not pay my tithe till I rapture takes place. So let me ask. does it really matter the church I pay my tithe to? Do I pay to my Anglican, Catholic, Pentecostal Church or should I just keep my money to myself bcos las las I feel the lord understands what I am going through.

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39 Replies to “I haven’t paid my tithe since January!”

  1. Like Seriously I have never believed in tithe. You can give to church anytime as the spirits directs. Men of God should be preaching of holiness not tithe. That’s why you see armed rubbers, corrupt politicians, prostitutes now give tithes. God needs more souls to be won not more money. Nigeria with the highest number of churches yet the most corrupt. It doesn’t matter if it’s tithe. Give as the spirit directs. Dnt let anyone scare you with this tithe thing.

    1. I get your point but I honestly do believe in tithing not because I have resolved it’s mystery but bcos I have been told it’s the right thing to do.

      I feel like defaulting with tithes is a big sin bcos the Bible told us to pay it. It didn’t tell us that we must be righteous to do that. I think the problem we are having now is misplacing charity( our own voluntary giving )as another way of tithing.

    1. There’s barely any committed tither anywhere. I know it’s good to give to the needy but then, I feel tithe is tithe and charity is charity and the two of them are totally different 🤦🏻‍♀️

  2. First off, ya mad, Peace. Very mad. 😂

    Okay, let’s get serious. I want to start by asking you not to be so hard on yourself. It’s something myself and probably million others can relate to.

    I haven’t paid my tithe since March if it makes you feel better. The reasons behind this aren’t too different from your reasons. I’m often worried that I’m not paying my tithe in the right place.

    Like, there was this one time when my church were having a celebration thingy. The drinks had just finished and those who hadn’t gotten drinks were many. They had to buy more drinks.

    I was late to church that Sunday, like VERY late. I got to church around 11am, when they’d already done the important tasks on their programme, including tithe giving. I had my tithe with me, so I gave it to an usher, telling her what the money was for.

    Right before my eyes, she took some money out of her pocket, added to the one I’d just given her and sent someone to go get two crates of drinks.

    (I’m not against that oh)

    When I started regretting paying my tithe that day was when, on my way home, I found a little girl by the roadside, looking dirty and hungry. I felt like I could have put a smile on this girl’s face if I hadn’t paid my tithe. ₦1,500 could have gotten her some food to last her till the next day, at least.

    See ehn, Nigeria’s mentality concerning tithe is biased. Personally, I believe God won’t mind you using your tithe to bless the needy. Our churches can fare well on all the offerings and seeds we give to them. They are not entitled to our tithe. If we choose to pay our tithes to a church, great! If we choose to pay it to a church that badly needs the money, a noble act! And, if we choose to use it to help out others, great!

    God won’t love us any less.

    I’m truly sorry for typing this long. I couldn’t help it. 😑

    1. 😂😂😂 she used your money to buy drink???? Right in-front of you? This is really hilarious but so uncouth. If I ever saw an usher do that with my money I would never pay tithe to that church again. They didn’t even give you the customary blessing for paying the tithe😢.

      And yes, the principles of tithing is entirely confusing because with all the Bible passages I have read between yesterday and today, I didn’t see a place that said anything concrete about tithe in the New Testament. Everything was under the mosaic covenant.

      Again,Our pastors will always talk about paying our tithes. And they always make it clear that giving to God is different from our normal charity work. 🤦🏻‍♀️

      I honestly am lost and I don’t want to go to hell bcos I ignored tithing. We should totally consult daddy freeze on this matter!

      And I appreciate your lengthy comment.

  3. I know some people would look at this post and the comments and be like y’all are going to hell… Well I love the fact that humor is involved. But to be honest read Deuteronomy 14: 22-29… Thank me.later

    1. I have read Deuteronomy 14:22-29 and if I understand it well, it’s contradicting almost every thing I know about tithing. From that chapter, it said we could spend our tithes with our family members and then the homeless. Does that mean tithing must not necessarily be given to the church but feasting on the 10% with our family and destitute people?

  4. Lol…I came straight from my email notification as I saw the topic.
    Very controversial!
    I think the most important thing in anything we do for God is to know why you are doing it and not because every one is doing it.

    I myself still need to read more about giving of tithe. Until then, I will keep paying sha. For now, i do it to just honor God not because the church says i must.
    May God help us all.

    1. Amen to your prayer.
      The dogmas of tithing is not entirely clear to a lot of us. That’s why a lot of people prefer not to pay.
      If I didn’t see it in the Bible, I would have said it didn’t matter. I would go read up more bible verses about it bcos honestly, i have only paid my tithes bcos others are doing so.
      Thanks for visiting

  5. In addition to Deut.14:22-29 , I suggest you study Malachi 3:6-11

    The issue of tithe has been a big deal to most people especially the young generation which I am part of. Well, paying tithe is compulsory, just the way you pay your tax.
    Because we are citizens of Nigeria we pay tithe, and because we are citizens of Zion (Heaven) we do likewise😊
    You’re location shouldn’t be a factor, if you are blessed @ your present place off worship, you ought to pay your tithe there not withstanding the state of the church…and if you still want to pay to your previous church you could get there account number..nowadays technology makes things easy.

    Tithe is different from charity work.
    Whether you earn 5k or 1M it’s your 10% God says
    And there is a reward for it.

    My Opinion 😎

    1. I get you, but tithe is meant to be shared among family members and the needy, just like what Deuteronomy 14:26&25 says. If you ignore a needy person because your church needs tithe then we are missing the point here… I believe in giving tithe, but the Jews believed only in the Torah before Jesus arrived, and because of that, Christians have been condemning them…🤔 just a thought

      1. We don’t study the scriptures by just reading a Verse
        Did you also read Malachi 3:6-11
        And that is not the book of Moses….even in the New Testament : 1Tim 5:17-18, 1COR. 9:1-18.
        Tithe is not to be shared with your family or to the poor..it is God’s money Malachi 3:10.
        Deuteronomy 14 you pointed mentioned the levies, and the levies are priests.
        Study Hebrews 7:1-9….Abraham paid tithes too
        Remember the rich man who came to Jesus Christ and said he has given arms to the poor….that wasn’t a criteria to the kingdom of God… Give to Ceasar what belongs to Ceasar and God what belongs to God.

        Anybody can give to the poor, even unbelievers do…it’s a sign of love.
        Tithe is your 10% of every income received…minus your acts of charity.

  6. I believe you are not suffering from not paying tithe. probably u are suffering from stinginess. u re not a giver, cos givers remember to pay their tithe. and you contemplating where to pay ur tithe. miss ur tithe can be payed anywhere, sometimes I pay it in the church and sometimes to needy and other times to beggars. my tithe is btw me and God. and u getting rejected has nothing to do with not paying ur tithe. what abt the people sliding into ur DM? remember u also decline them. karma is bitch miss.and paying of offerings is from the heart not how much u have at hand

  7. I haven’t even paid tithe before …I only help the needy but I won’t say you shouldn’t my dear… more over try and pay your tithe in my account the lord will bless you so well hun

    1. You haven’t paid tithe since your adulthood???😳
      And I’m here killing myself cos I haven’t paid for common 12months?😭

      Tell me where the Bible asked me to
      pay my tithe to your account and I will credit you.

  8. I believe paying of tithe is her important. And since I started paying my tithe trust me my life has changed for the best and more to come. It doesn’t matter which church you attended. You can pay your tithe in your new church. In my opinion.
    But please try to be consistent in paying and pay with your full heart. It was a struggle for me but since I saw all the blessings that comes from payng ur tithe I v been consistent. Have a great evening💖🤗

    1. Okay so you are saying that it is not a fallacy that tithes actually determines the amount of goodluck we have in life?
      And then it’s not just about paying tithe but about being consistent too?

      Does that mean when you pay your tithe consistently, blessings come and when you default, blessings go? Is it really like that ?🤦🏻‍♀️

  9. Christ emphasized so well on charity. If tithe was that important how come he barely talked about it. Even the men of God Brainwashes members about tithe cos the Bible made us know you re supposed to be part of eating your tithe as in the priests are not in charge of it. But what we practice about tithe is different from how the Bible really said u should pay it. Christ didn’t scare ppl with tithe so dnt be scared about it. Caring about poor ones is more important than enriching the pockets of men of God. Do charity work and u ill get ur blessings.

    1. I don’t know where you worship and if anyone is being “brainwashed” that person should blame his/herself because it means that such persons doesn’t know the word for themselves. Another thing people must know is that offering, tithe and charity are all different. Helping the needy is not paying tithe or paying your offering is not charity. They all have different blessings. Please where in the bible is it written that you can eat your tithe?

  10. i don’t think not paying of tithes will make you go to hell but when we talking about blessings that come with tithing, i think it is a case of ‘what you believe in works for you’.

  11. i really haven’t thought deep abt tithes bcos it is not a do or die affair to me, sometimes i pay and other times i don’t. i have never tot it to be a reason for any unfortunate event in my life. if defaulting on tithe is a huge sin, hell better be big enough to accommodate us all.

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