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In December, I wrote on Instagram about how I so wanted to travel and stroll round Dubai for Xmas but my account balance was telling me to just stroll round my compound. So, I was obediently strolling on the 30th of December when a friend called and suggested we visited Upbeat recreation centre in Lekki to at least help unwind my misery. At first, I wasn’t sure Upbeat centre could give me the joy a free ticket to Dubai would. The difference was very clear. First, I wasn’t getting on any plane. Second, Upbeat centre wouldn’t change my country code to +971 and worst, no Arabian men. Our journey to Lekki was as expected. We were jam packed inside a bus like Nigerian migrants boating from Libya to Italy, and then at some point, we alighted and trekked for minutes. We didn’t use a taxi because of the dreaded island traffic and since we weren’t so much on time. We got two bikes to convey us to the centre and they were bidding high. “what nonsense! Even In Dubai, bike men wouldn’t charge this high”. I protested in my mind.

Pls ask me if I have ever been to Dubai.

The bike man finally agreed to carry my prospective Arabian ass for a lesser price and as we plied, the soft island breeze felt like the Dubai of my imagination. The tarred roads, fancy buildings and beautiful faced people, I immediately understood why they say people on the island experience winter and not rainy season.

In about 10minutes thereabouts, we were at the venue. Through the gate, and I wanted to ask my friend if we were at the right place because it was serene. No hoarse voices shouting, “Osundu! kick the ball”. No Kid crying because another kid took their caprisonne – don’t blame me. mainlanders are so use to noise.

We walked into the building and were greeted by lots of people(blacks, whites, mixed) also wanting to explore the centre. Most were getting the upbeat socks for their kids( you would be needing this for the indoor trampoline), some were signing a waiver while the rest of us queued patiently, waiting for the staff to attend to us. We wouldn’t have waited so long to check-in had we known we could fill the waiver on their website even before arriving.

The centre, which is located at 11 Admiralty Rd Lekki phase 1, is West Africa”s 1st trampoline centre and their wide range of activities includes;

  • Trampoline dodge ball
  • Trampoline high performance
  • Trampoline free jumping
  • Trampoline basketball
  • tumble track, Outdoor aerobics etc
  • crazy carts, skateboarding, biking, soccer, basketball.

The centre also has a Gym section,a convertible hall and lounge/ with waterside view.

Price is actually determined by the activities you wish to indulge in. Other than that, estimated budget per jump is 2,500-3k

After we(my friend& I) had completed the waiver, we made our way to the game wing and it was a whole lot of vibe!!

We walked in from the direction that arrow is pointing
never played this game b4. I so wanted to try but also didn’t want to embarrass my family members๐Ÿ˜ฉ.

I was astounded by the numerous games kids these days had at their disposal because during our time, we were limited to games like suwe, mummy & daddy(I was always the mummy based on experience), and Ten Ten.

Moving on to my right and what I saw? A confectionery stand.๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿป

My intestines warbled the hallelujah chorus as I closely walked to the ice cream dipping cabinet.


This means you can relax with a cup of ice cream after jumping away your calorific sorrows in the trampoline. Isn’t Jesus just great?

My long throat is top notch. Have I told you people before?

We walked out through a door that led to the other side of the building and the first thing that caught my eyes? This๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿป

Crazy cart!

All the time I stood there watching those kids drive, my subconscious kept taunting me “peace at your age you cannot turn a steering but see these kids”, “peace goan take that cart and learn how to drive!”. I tried to take up the challenge but the carts moved so fast ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ . I wanted to beat my fears but you know,……

Driving is for children; adults fly” – I convinced myself as I walked away.๐Ÿ˜Ÿ

Waterside view. How refreshing!
All my efforts to throw the ball through the hoop was abortive. something kept telling me It was my height issue. for a moment I wanted to go straight to Denrele so he could borrow me one of his ladder shoes.
So I saw one kid perfectly skateboarding and I was so convinced I could do it. I was too impatient. I told the kid to hand me the skateboard at once. He did and I immediately placed both legs on it and brethren! Y’all should have seen me slipping away. Long story short, Thank God I still have teeth.
The bikes.
Football pitch

Those ladies in the pitch are having fun, keeping fit and burning fat all at once. What’s your excuse again?

Outdoor restaurant

Upbeat is such a beautiful place. I couldn’t capture the gym and other spots & events going on because my village people conspired to drain my battery. Regardless, I had a swell time. At least for a moment, I didn’t think about Dubai or any Arabian prince. Upbeat was in my mind the entire week especially that Ice cream. The flavor kept my stomach happy for days.


  1. There’s is just about enough space allocated to every game: Like I literally lost 2 pounds(7,000 calories) after walking round the basketball court. Every game area at Upbeat has enough space. the basketball court is big enough, the soccer pitch is spacious enough, the driving site is sizable, the indoor games have enough spaces to play, walk and sit for relaxation. Upbeat wasn’t trying to congest the whole area. They weren’t trying to manage space that is why a hundred people can get inside the soccer pitch, still breathe fine & run around. Not the kind of pitch that can only contain two and half people.
  2. I love the waterside view: There’s nothing as beautiful as a sea view. Growing up, I always wished to live by the sea (pls I am not a marmi water) so when I saw that water, I felt God was reminding me how much I loved the serenity that water brings, the refreshing wind and all its beauty that could inspire me a thousand and one times. Dear future husby, we are getting a house by the sea or ……!
  3. They are systematic: the system works there. They have a structure. They have rules you’d have to abide by. It is not like every other park where things are jumbled. If you must jump on the trampoline, there are rules. If you must get in, there are rules. You cannot say because Otedola followed you on IG, you’d burst the gates open, get in and start jumping on the trampoline with your spiky shoes. No uncle! Goan wear the upbeat socks!
  4. The staff: They were all so friendly and beautiful. There’s nothing like walking into a place and having very beautiful ladies and gents attend to you. Their faces speaks volume about the kind of experience you’d be getting, and at the end of the day, the beautiful/ jovial customer service girl will be one of the reasons that bachelor always wants to go play his basketball at Upbeat centre.

That said, I have promised myself that the next I go there, i’d participate in all the games. I’d drive that crazy cart from thy kingdom come to thy will be done and I won’t come down until you people bring Dangote to tell me he wants to give me half of his properties. Readers, If you have been living in Lagos yet you haven’t visited this centre, your case is not very different from that of the thirty-something-year-old ANAYOCHUKWU who has his Ghana-must-go bag on his head right now and is bidding his mother and sisters goodbye because he is traveling to Lagos for the first time in his life.

PS: Rumor has it that they are coming to Abuja soon.

PPS: Did you spot me in any of those photos?? โž• yes to more reviews?

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  1. Unfortunately we couldn’t see you in any of the pictures. I had doubts you were there untill I saw that ur newly fixed red finger nails holding cup of ice cream. U wan to live near water. Dnt worry papi water is coming. Lovely experience. U really had fun

  2. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ very hilarious review. I will keep this place in mind for the times I need a place to relax. Itโ€™s a beautiful place

  3. Lol. I spot you very well but didnโ€™t see your face. I saw your finger nails. I have heard about the centre. Iโ€™ll visit there soon. Nice work

  4. mummy and daddy hahaha…nice review and yes to more reviews. your reviews are awesome and always hilarious. upbeat centre to the world.

  5. you are the one rocking a denim on denim . who wouldn’t spot you?lol. i love seaviews too and i am not a mami water. yes to more reviews love

  6. what a review! well articulated you will pass well for an advertising agent. plus it wasn’t hard to spot you. i know thine skull. good ups

  7. Looks like a place i would want to go. And that last line is all I need to be excited. They better come to Abuja. My appetite has become suddenly wet.

  8. Lovely and hilarious review. I never heard about the place until now even though I visit lekki frequently. Big ups

  9. “Driving is for children, adults fly”. Pls don’t make me laugh this morning lol. I love this place already. When are they coming to Delta? And hope they are paying you for this review o.

  10. I spotted you infront of the outdoor restaurant ๐Ÿ˜€. UPBEAT sounds like a really cool place to relax with the family.

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