Should cheating be the end of a relationship?

 Why won’t i end it with a bloody ass cheating man who feels his Penis is too proteinous for only one woman to consume?”. Me if I had seen this post title 6 years ago.

Getting older, I’d always say that In relationships, cheating is not necessarily borne out of lack of love, but, chiefly lack of discipline. This means that it is very possible to love someone yet cheat on them. (I arrived at the italicized conclusion after I realized how much I love God yet won’t stop cheating sinning against him).

By now, you should know no one is ever too qualified or too good to get cheated on. No matter how much of a lion,Dracula or spider you are in bed, no matter how handsome, rich, intelligent, romantic or how gigantic your PS is, you could still get cheated on and she’s probably gon’ do it with someone whose PS shares the same length and breadth with your pinky finger.

Beauty isn’t enough reason not to get cheated on . Your intelligence or eloquence. soft skin or dimple waist. Your mountainous boobs or butt isn’t enough to keep him from cheating. Forget how big your butt is and how he loves resting his head on it, calling it his favorite pillow. Forget how often he screams “Ikebe super” when you turn around to leave a room because If he hasn’t adopted the right principles, he’s gonna CHEAT on you, and most likely with a girl whose buttocks can be mistaken for mustard seeds.

Reminds me of a time Cardi B made a video in her very strong and pronounced accent bragging that her husband -Offset- would never cheat or leave her mainly because there was no girl on earth -according to her-who could suck his entire genital like she do it. Months later, Offset cheated with this lady who didn’t look like she was ever interested in sucking anything in her life asides oranges. Cardi learned a lesson that her suck-ability isn’t enough to keep him from cheating.

That said, How fast do you pack your bags to leave when you’ve caught them cheating?

A lot of people don’t feel there’s anything left to save after they’ve found that episodic love text on their partner’s phone. That text that read, “you are literally my nose cos i stopped breathing immediately you left my bed my sugarcoated tomato “ OR after they’ve caught their partner pants down, enthusiastically thrusting in and out of another person. In such scenes, there’s usually lots of tension. While the side chick is hurriedly putting her bra on to run away before heaven & hell breaks loose on her or the side nigga speedily making his way to the window to  jump off before his balls are butchered and served as appetizers to agberos in Mushin, the betrayed partner is trying hard not to explode in insanity. More often than not, if the betrayed is a woman, she would bluster and say stuff like, “Boniface you?? you do this to me after all I have done for you? Boniface I cook, wash and clean for you.i even donated my left kidney to you in 2009 only for you to turn back now and cheat on me with this thing?” If it’s a man you’d most likely hear, “Nkechi! so what they say about you is true. This is how you bring small small boys to the house when I travel to China to import my container“.

At that moment, the overwhelmed betrayed is trying to accommodate the eyesore and make sense of everything that is happening, but somewhere between the beginning and the middle of figuring the situation, they tell themselves this is the end. they cannot be with this cheat anymore. Their heart is broken, love taken for granted, ego destroyed, bags hurled in the car trunk and voom! Someone is speedily driving out of their relationship 200km/h because a partner cheated.

I remember a time one of my girls was in a great relationship. They loved each other and even started to resemble at some point. I knew bcos their noses kept growing wider at thesame pace. The guy cared so much about her growth, she better not be gossiping around when exams were around the corner. That my girlfriend would later graduate with first class honors all thanks to that guy.

He soon finished his own studies and set up a business. Business was booming. Both Families were getting along pretty well, and things would have just gone perfectly, but as devil fate may have it, he cheated for the first time since their 4years relationship. Weeks later, my friend said the relationship could no longer work. When I asked why, I yearned for her to give me a very concrete reason why she called it quits. It would have been more reasonable if she said she called it quits bcos she wasn’t sure she loved him anymore or he wasn’t the kind of guy she wanted to spend forever with or say they had a family tradition where anyone who accepted a cheat back suffered tuberculosis after 3 market days, but instead, her only reason was, “because he cheated”. Wait! What?

If I weighed this reason of hers on a “sense scale”, do you think it would weigh up to 0.1kg of sense?

I need people to understand that cheating is just cheating. It isn’t the same thing as murder. It is not the same thing as tying ikenga’s photo with a red cloth, putting it in a native pot and shouting ikenga! ikenga! ikenga! 20times at around 12midnight so that by dawn ikenga will have elephantiasis. Na cheat the person cheat e no kee person!

It confuses me how Majority of people have positioned their mind to think Cheating is the worst thing that can happen in a relationship. That is why when you ask 100 people the reason they left their relationships, 80% will tell you it was because their partner cheated. 15% will admit they fell out of love and only 5% because of domestic violence. Apparently, people prefer to leave a cheating partner more than they prefer to leave a partner who brutalize them.👏👏👏

Everyone is quick to jump out of a relationship when their once upon a time romeo or Juliet cheats even when it’s for the very first time as if jumping out would solve anything. Everyone is quick to run to social media to throw tantrums, disturbing our TL with posts like ” you don’t know what you have until it’s gone”. They are quick to block that partner on all social media platforms and then change their Facebook relationship status to “its complicated”. Biko don’t complicate our sights with your complicated status.

I don’t know for sure if you get the point, but Incase you find it ambiguous, I am not for cheating! I am not advocating for cheaters. I am not giving them an award of recognition or a scholarship to go study advanced Cheatry and fuckery in Harvard university. There’s nothing more reasonable than calling it quits with a girl who casually says, “Osundu, i cheated on you with okon the gateman bcos your own thing is too small”. It is okay to turn away from a serial cheat especially those ones who always promise not to do it again but before you say in the name of the father, son and Holy Spirit, they are already in bed with one Shalewa convincing her to agree to round ten.

It is okay to walk away from a partner who even though you trust they won’t go back to cheating on you, you ain’t sure they are the kind of people you want in your future. You have never been sure about them or excited about being with them forever. Some people are in relationships with people but lowkey waiting for the person to do something bad so they can have a good reason to walk away. If you are on this table then God has given you a reason to finally break up. But whereby you know deep in your soul that this person is “IT”. They are everything you’ve always wanted until they committed their first sin -cheating- Then, don’t just jump out! Don’t jump out only to start disturbing us on IG with posts about how men are as fake as Kim Kardashian’s butt or the usual quote of “fear woman and save your life”.

When you have known for sure that that person is your “IT” person, it means your relationship is worth fighting for. You love them enough to go through that phase even if it is going to be difficult especially with rebuilding the trust. When you are sure you can spare a second chance, talk to that your partner. Give them a chance to explain themselves. They have never cheated before right? so Why did they cheat now? Did they just fancy the idea of cheating on you? Was it because of your lack of attention towards them? Was it because for the past six months you have been shamelessly rocking same boxer, pant, bra and you don’t even properly wipe your butt hole after a poop? Uncle, What if she cheated becos you confined her to missionary style even though she’s told you countlessly that doggy is her favorite thing to do on earth aside breathing.

You probably never heard it before, but more than half of the time, you could contribute to half of the reasons your partner cheated. I am not saying it has to always be your fault when a person cheats on you, but sometimes, you could partly be the issue and not necessarily because they did not love you enough not to cheat. What if you are no longer what you used to be that attracted them to you in the first place? What if you are the one not finding time for them? Not giving the right amount of attention? Not understanding their sexual preferences? Believe you me, it’d take God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to stop some of we ladies from cheating on men who do not understand the essentiality of foreplay and NO! It wouldn’t be because we didn’t love them enough✌️.

Anyway, your partner’s reactions or answers to the “why did you cheat” question should help you unravel some doubt. If they still love you and regret their actions or if they are not sure they regret it. In the latter case, it is only okay to bid good riddance to bad rubbish because there’s a huge difference between stressing to keep someone who clearly wants to stay and someone who isn’t sure they want to stay.

Cheating should not always mean “break up”. It can be overlooked and does not really deserve all that drama and Break up is only necessary when it is necessary (I already mentioned situations where break up is necessary after cheating). Also, if you must break up with someone after they have cheated on you, don’t just jump into another relationship within the next 24hrs. Don’t jump out of a relationship today and the next day, you are already in a 2years, 2months,2 weeks and 2days relationship with another person. These new people will not guarantee you the emotional security and happiness you so hunger for because even if they try to, you’d be cascading your insecurities and fears upon them. Suspecting their every breath, snooping on anything you come across that belongs to them. Until you heal and recover from the scar of your previous cheat-and-breakup-relationship, everyone will always be a suspect to you!

Rounding up, I’d like to reiterate this point👉🏻👉🏻 “na cheat the person cheat e no kee person”. Having said that, I’d like to ask your opinion on this topic. Is cheating forgivable to you? Can cheating make you end it with the love of your life? Or you can spare a second chance? Talk to me in the comment section.

PS: I apologize I’ve been MIA. Alot has happened lately and I’ll only talk about them when I’m totally over them ➕the next time you’d be reading another of my post, it would most likely be on cliquetalkblog. com 💃💃🥂

PPS: I am now an ex corper currently and desperately hunting every nook and cranny of Dubai Lagos for a job that pays 150-200k for a start. I also don’t mind being the PA of that your uncle that use to import container from China . That one that’s always making phone conversations like, ” Okechukwu! run to the bank right now and Put that 2 billion naira in my eco bank, put 5million in my zenith and the remaining 3 trillion in my UBA”.

..Stay happy💗..


29 Replies to “Should cheating be the end of a relationship?”

  1. Hi Peace! Long time!
    I’ve had this discussion with my girlfriends not too long ago. And we were of the same opinion as this post. But people tend to think you are defending or dismissing cheating when you say “I can’t break up if my partner cheats on me” The difference is if he or she continually cheats on you. A lot goes into relationships: time, efforts, sacrifices, money, etc. I can never go back to an abusive relationship, when physical, verbal or emotional. This post was very apt but opinion may differ anyways. Waiting to read other comments.

    1. Bella Bella.
      I’m glad your thought on this is in sync with mine.
      People just over exaggerate this cheating thing. Sometimes when I Serve my opinion on cheating to some female friends, they look at me like I am a disgrace to the chimamanda’s clan of feminist but please! You can’t keep jumping from one person to another all in the name of “they cheated”. Pls who is a saint? It’s funny how people overvalue themselves. We sin, God forgives and we even keep on with the sin and he still loves us but a boyfriend/ girlfriend cheats and voom! We cannot continue the relationship. Exactly why man is not God. It’s different if the person is a serial cheat. Then, cutting his PS and serving it to the dogs before packing your bags to leave won’t be a bad idea.

      1. Lol 😂 The last line though… Most have a wrong notion about feminism these days. I am a feminist, (but not the twisted version) Do you realise that most feminists are the ones who even stay married? Look at Chimamanda, Michelle Obama and even Hilary Clinton whose husband even had a cheating scandal. And when we talk about forgiveness after cheating , it isn’t as though you’ll act like they didn’t cheat, of course there’ll be repercussions.

        1. There are actually two types of feminists especially in this Nigeria. The twisted feminists and the straight ones. The twisted ones will slap you if you say a man is the head of the home.. some women need to change whatever absurd orientation they have about feminism. You will be ashamed if you hear what some women think feminism is about🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  2. i remember i took my then love of my life back after he cheated and friends were looking at me like i didn’t value myself and had low self esteem. sometimes when they want to talk about it they start with “seyi you are not ugly. you can get someone else better than this cheat”. even
    though the relationship later ended for a total different reason, i don’t regret taking a cheat back because there was more positives to him than his cheating and he never went back to it. people are always quick to think they deserve more. no one is a saint, so better sit there and resolve your issue with your partner! feminist! i am talking to you people o

    1. 😂😂 the feminists are coming for you. I will call them soon.

      I respect that you followed your heart and believed in the love you shared with the then love of your life.

      Some friends will come and tell you you deserve more but they are sticking with an abusive partner or someone who doesn’t even care about them or care about having a future with them.

      Thanks for commenting ❤️

  3. Baby girl!!! This table you are shaking o. LOL. I think you said it the best way, the older you get, the wiser and more understanding you are to the concept of cheating. But it’s still a sore subject for me at 25.Maybe it’ll get better, but it’s gonna take a shaking in heavens for me to stay with my boyfriend after he’s cheated.

    *Congrats to both of us for passing out.
    *Cant wait for the website
    *And when you find that Info uncle, abeg, nna!! remember your sister.

    Sharon of

    1. 😂😂… When I find that uncle ehn, I’ll certainly remember you dear Sharon but I’m keeping all the 3 trillion to myself.😩😩

      It’s never easy accepting someone after they have cheated. But sometimes I think about it this way, what if I was the one who cheated? Would I want my boyfriend /husband to leave me cos I cheated? You know no one is a saint in this relationship thing.

      A cheating boyfriend is even easier to ditch than a cheating husband. How do you want to leave that one now?

      Dear God biko shake heaven and shake Sharon’s perception on cheating alongside 🙏

      Thank you for feedback ❤️

  4. I think I am the first male to comment on this topic. I won’t speak for all men but for myself. I don’t think it’s okay for a woman to cheat. I will not accept that from my woman. Women cheat with emotions, men cheat for just sex. Even if you are any kind “IT” person, I won’t do! Go with the man you cheated with.

    1. Haaaaa… so where is it written in the Bible that women cheat with emotions pls?
      So you want to be cheating and be forgiven but cos she’s female, when she cheats she’s contaminated. 😂. Matt What did you eat when you wrote this comment?

  5. Why do I feel guilty after reading this post😂😂. But trust me it is not as easy as u think it is. In my case was a distance relationship becos he was a Ghanaian nd I’m Nigerian. How do you expect me to trust he won’t cheat again when I’m back to Nigeria. A lot to have considered. You wouldn’t know till you are in that situation.

    But I get you point in summary. You’ve been missed babe. Thanks for always entertaining & educating us @cliquetalk. God bless you 🤗

    1. It is my work to make you feel guilty 😂… yes, long distance is understood… it’s a fair reason. I only wonder why it didn’t stop you from going into the relationship in the first place… ❤️

  6. Cheating is or was forgivable until after my last relationship… “No b cheat the person cheat, him pieces my heart”… I don’t think I can forgive that indiscipline again… I’m not the one that told him to neglect his mothers teaching…

    1. 😂. Sounds like you have been through a lot with these guys and cheating. There’s a limit to what everyone can take so I only wish you stay happy

  7. People are entitled to their opinion. The last time a girl cheated on me, i coildnt continue with her. It was hard. Its harder for us guys to accept this. Nice post

  8. Well I think you covered both side of the topic. The Bible tells us that love covers a multitude of sin. It also asked a question “should we continue in sin because grace abounds”? As for me if you can bear it fine but if you can’t then leave. It’s better to have a broken relationship than a broken marriage.

  9. i have accepted a cheat back but it wasnt. people should handle their relationships how they want to and bear the consequences that comes with their decision.

  10. Nice post. I will accept a cheat on the condition that he can forgive me if I was the one who cheated. That’s how it should be at least for people like me.

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