Is Regina Daniels a disgrace to womanhood?

Let me start off by introducing this new category on the blog, “talk celeb”. This category is basically where I bring you or rather, we talk about news that’s spilling and trending about our celebrities locally and internationally. From the likes of Chioma my lover, Davido, Tonto, Denrele, Bobrisky and other gender confused colleagues of his so y’all better stay woke on this category. And meanwhile, click here to know who Regina Daniels  is and keep scrolling 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 to know why we discussing her even when we’ve got better things to do!

I remember the time about last two weeks thereabouts when I went on Instagram and saw photos of 19-year-old Regina Daniels and a Benz, and then after few days of scrutinizing the web for more news about her, I saw she bought another Benz for her mom, a house for her in lekki, selfies inside a private jet and a Rolex wrist watch worth 3.3million naira😳
Some of us are still using 2013 G-shock

Some comments that followed this post read,
“Could it be that Regina Daniels used her own pant?”
Regina Daniels pls do you have any big god that you are not using?”
“Regina and her yellow kpekus working hard 24/7”.
“Regina pls when is your big god coming to Ebonyi”.
“Please any guide on how to become an actress?”.
I also remember running instantaneously to my sister’s bathroom, faced the mirror there, held my chest and dramatically said “Aunty please I beg you in the name of God don’t send me out of this house, You know I don’t have anywhere else to go”. At this point, I was begging the Holy spirit to allow tears flow from my eyes so I could convince my invisible audience that I was crying cos whether the devil liked it or not, I was going to become an actress and I’d buy my own Benz, 18.3million naira Rolex wrist watch that would tell me when Jesus was coming, and then build my own house ontop of third mainland bridge!
Regina telling us good morning from a Benz meanwhile your own good morning is from keke napep 😩

I have actually been waiting to verify the authenticity of this news before posting anything. Been waiting to see if I’d come on Instagram one morning to see that all the rumour about her was only a new movie she starred in with possible titles of, “Oluchi the 6th wife“, “To love a grandpa part 1 &2″ or “blind bartimaeus love part 1-6″, but then, let me ask you, did y’all hear that Regina Daniels dumped her longtime boyfriend/actor Somadina, only to marry a 59-year-old billionaire Prince Ned Nwoko in a hush hush wedding ceremony in Asaba?
Did you hear that the 59-year-old billionaire is allegedly responsible for all the actress’s extravagant lifestyles and private jet trips to Dubai and other countries I have gone to but only in my dreams?
Did you also hear she did not just marry him to be his 1st wife but his 6th wife? 😲
Regina and her big god

Ever since the news of  her marriage hit social media, it has sparked a lot of controversial debates and people are not having it! Some people have gone all out to call her a shameless hoe, a bad role model and influence, a gold digger, mannerless child with no home training and just yesterday on one queen Anala’s YouTube channel, she blatantly called out Regina Daniel and tagged her 59-year-old husband a “dead soul” ouch. Etinosa, the CEO of chop this life Christian Assembly who became more famous after displaying her nakedness on Mc galaxy’s instagram live video has been under fire for speaking in support of Regina’s marriage to this acclaimed old man. The public figure maintained that the billionaire prince Ned Nwoko honored Regina Daniels by marrying her. Daddy freeze supports Regina Daniels and another person who supports Regina’s union with this her big god is ME!
I am not a fan of Regina Daniels to start with, and almost every time my nieces are seeing her movie, I’d take the remote and change it to Animal planet -you see how less of a fan I am? I am also not one of those people who ride by the cliche, age is just a number cos age is more than just a number to me! I don’t want to marry a man way younger than me cos I cannot be responsible for changing his diapers and mixing his baby food every goddam time neither do I want to marry a grandad who would probably transition to glory if I asked him to go 10 rounds in one night!
With this, you see I don’t really wish to be Regina Daniels but I support her marriage to this old man for couple of reasons being;

  • It’s her life, her decision and her consequences: Have you ever thought that maybe Regina had always wanted to marry a grandpa figure? Someone to be that daddy she’s not had in a while now? Someone to protect her, scold her, love her like a father and a husband and help make her life easier? What if she’s just one percent of people like you who believe age is just a number? I have seen couple of people marry older men and women and no one complained. Everyone tagged it “love is a beautiful thing or age doesn’t mean a thing” but now Regina does it and she’s a gold digger? A hoe? Why can’t we call it unconditional love? How many gold is she even digging BTW? Was she poor prior to marrying him? or you think she didn’t have myriads of billionaire young men clamoring to be in her life before she chose her grandpa prince? We cannot be living our lives and that of others at the same time. We cannot control people or believe we have the right to tell them what to do. We cannot pressure people to choose our own definition of right &wrong. Regina is not a child. She’s grown enough to take decisions and also strong enough to handle the consequences if there be so?
Can I photoshop myself into this Dubai photo??🤔
  • A lot of people calling her out have done worst things: The difference is that Regina Daniels is a celebrity so every thing she does reaches the public eye way too fast and people can easily judge her while the rest of us can do really badass shitty stuff and get away with it without any journalist digging or any one judging or even caring to know what we did, and then when we pick up our phones, we go on social media and become spiritualist, holy motivational speakers, feminists & woman activist cos no one is seeing how many skeletons we hiding in our own dirty cupboards. Truth is, A lot of these girls calling Regina Daniels out are mistresses of some dried up 80-something-year-old man who cannot even go 1 round without breathing like he’s going R.I.P. A lot of these girls calling her out had done odd stuff for money and demeaned themselves before men. A lot of them are side chics to married men and are gradually loosing their minds cos every attempt to talk the man into dumping his wife for them has proved abortive. A lot of them are dating very broke guys but low key banging 3 other guys just because they want money for brown powder and frontal wigs. A lot of them are the ones begging for relationships and marriage yet they want to judge Regina??? what for exactly? People judging people for committing the same sin differently? If a lot of these people got the opportunity Regina got to marry this billionaire, I bet they won’t even think twice. People are so pretentious and judgmental especially in this part of the world! Stop judging people who are just as guilty as you! At least Regina wasn’t that lady who was eating poop in the UAE for money. She’s just a girl who married a man for money if you want us to put it that way.
Her butt is so lucky to be seated there😩😩
  • Stop saying she’s a bad role model! Regina never signed a contract with you to be one: When I read a comment from someone who said Regina was a bad role model to young girls, I immediately longed to see an evidence, like some paper work where Regina signed to be anyone’s role model. Hello World, It’s not that deep! There’s no how someone wouldn’t do what they want to do bcos they are supposed to be role models! You live your life to the fullest, do the good, bad and ugly and it’s okay cos you ain’t no role model but when Regina or any other celebrity try to live their lives to the fullest, they have to be conscious & careful cos they are someone’s role model? How fair is that? Why don’t you be your own role model? Why don’t you be the perfectionist and the role model you think those younger ones deserve? Why must it be Regina or you think it’s only celebrities that can be role models? We have to understand that these people are humans and just like us, want to live life without being judged! Teach a child right and that child won’t be influenced negatively by anything. Stoping leaving you duty as a parent or guardian to “celebrities”. It is not the work of a celebrity to instill morals in your child or children around the world!
I can’t even relate cos I have never been on a private jet😭
  • Most of these critics suffer from Poverty mentality: You see there’s this poverty mentality we Africans have. If This marriage between Regina and her old man happened somewhere in the west, no one would actually think it as an act of gold digging on the part of Regina because over there, people are so comfortable that it never crosses their minds to think that people have to marry for money. Over there, women can sponsor expensive trips independently and have got their own Mercedes Benz and houses through decent means, but bcos over here people are so poor that the poverty has eaten deep into them to believe everyone coming around any rich person is an opportunist, They tend to overexaggerate an intention and make it into what it isn’t . Stop the poverty mentality! Regina wasn’t drinking garri before she met her old man so it’s unfair to say baby girl married him for money unless you say she married him to add to what she’s already had then I’d say it’s not bad to be Oliver Twist .
Got the message?
  • Who no like better thing: Looking at Regina Daniels, you’d know she’s a kinda kid who loves luxurious lifestyles. She likes everything expensive and that’s probably the one dream she hoped to accomplish as a child -to have a luxurious lifestyle. We’ve all got that one thing we hope to accomplish, be it that education in Harvard, that dream job in chevron, having that good happy family, etc Regina’s might just be what she’s having right now -Mercedes Benz, houses, expensive clothes and private trips and all of that. There are people who just want to enjoy this life without stressing and that’s okay. Remember how they say “don’t let anything stop you from achieving your dreams?” Regina did not allow a man’s old age stop her from adding more luxuries to the plenty she has if we choose to look at it that way so guys, it’s only right we congratulate her for reaching the pinnacle of her dreams instead of judging her. Allow a baby girl enjoy her life and achievements or what do you think about that?? Do you think she is a disgrace to womanhood? Is age just a number to you or are you like me who can’t stand too much age gap? Can you marry for money????????

Please use the comment section let’s interact!
And, While you busy posting in your comments and criticizing Regina maybe, I’d be here looking for how to slide into kunle Afolayan’s Dm to convince him that I can act even if it is small house girl role😩😩

17 Replies to “Is Regina Daniels a disgrace to womanhood?”

  1. saw her news on Instagram but i did not pay much attention to it. The only thing that bothered me and still does is how these celebrities preach about hard work and give us motivational speech as if its only their acting a that gives them the money they lavish everywhere. One small girl somewhere is thinking she is useless or cursed cos her own hard work is not producing Benz for her yet.
    Regina is free to do what she wants but let her not say she didn’t know what she was getting into.

    1. You made a point and I totally understand. I feel people should start being more open on the means or source of their wealth, new house, car, travels and the rest. A lot of people tag their luxuries to God and hard work even when they know it’s a lie. Later someone would see their hard work quote and new house photo on IG and feel intimated and cursed and then suffer depression. I wish people knew better.

    2. Honestly, most of these girls who criticise Regina would go for a man who’d give them even HALF of what Regina is getting. Without a 2nd thought. It’s human nature to hate on someone who you think has it easy. You never know Regina’s life. Maybe she’s been struggling for a long time & this is her big break. Can’t a girl have that??

      And yes! I’d so marry an older man with money to upgrade myself. Who would say no? Really!

  2. Happy sunday Peace. the main issue here is that Nigerian women are too much into money. they love money so much and can do anything for money and theres no doubt shes in it for money. yes she wasnt drinking garri before she married him but she didnt have a benz or a private jet.

  3. Lmao why did you have to mention you change the station to Animal planet? imagine Regina came across this post that means you chances of photo shopping yourself into that Dubai pic is flushed. i don’t think this news is true yet because no one has provided any picture evidence but it could be true she has a big god. Almost all our female celebrities do. i cannot marry a grandpa but i can manage a guy younger than me. if he has sense.

  4. I’m sorry… But I don’t know how to not be biased and criticise her for agreeing to be the 6th wife just cos of money… At some point, another beautiful underaged actress would come along and the man would abandon her for the new gem…
    She’s making us ladies look bad…

  5. Lol. The fact thar i have a crush on this lady. It better not be true but if it is, i wish she did better cos she desrves better. In years frim now she would not be happy with this decision.

  6. Lmao😂😂😂😂. You already said it ‘Who no like better thing’. My dear she’s living the life. Enjoying the money. After all mama way give birth to am no dey complain. So why should we? She go dey alright laslas. Never been a fan and never will

  7. I don’t know why people are making a fuss. Like she is the first person to do something ridiculous. People should remove the stick in their eyes before looking well to remove the one in Regina’s eyes. What a world! Nice category. I won’t sleep on you

    1. Thank you so much Hush and thank you for your comment. I really don’t get notified most times when a comment comes in hence I don’t reply on time. You have said the fact. People need to remove the log in their eyes first.

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