Who should stop? Mc Galaxy or the girls going naked?

I don’t know the day and time rapture will take place in Nigeria, but I want to assure you all that it will most likely start from MC galaxy’s IG live video.

Asides watching hardcore pornography, MC galaxy’s Friday night live video is one of those stuff you will watch and automatically have this strong feeling that your eyes won’t make heaven anymore. If you are like me who has unconsciously absorbed few of those raunchy episode of fallen boobs and bare butt twerking unrepentantly all over the place, pls gather here and let’s pray……

Throwback photo of Mc galaxy when he was still in Christ.

Mc galaxy, who natively goes by the name Innocent Udeme is a Nigerian singer who in 2019, developed an interest in curating digital pornography. This show of nudity and twisting of overused waist by half naked or rather, completely naked women airs every Friday night on the singer’s instagram live video which starts at around 10:30pm. Pls promise me you haven’t saved the time…
According to the ogbono crooner, the real purpose behind his “mcgalaxy IG live”, was to encourage talented Nigerians to call in and exhibit their talent for a chance to win 50k naira for the night. These talent should include singing, dancing, performing, comedy or other God given talent but rather than exhibit these God given talent, a lot of girls have only called in to exhibit their nakedness -a type of talent that can only be given by Amadioha.
If amadioha gives you talent, you will be like this girl who cannot find her bra.

The first time I knew about MC galaxy’s live video, I remember I was scrolling through tunde ednut’s instagram page when I saw some video highlight with caption, “Jesus! Actress Etinosa goes naked on MC galaxy live video“. I went to the comment section and saw how people carried this Etinosa’s nakedness on their heads like dandruff. One party was blaming and cursing Etinosa for being such a disgrace to her family,Nigeria and Africa at large and another party dominated by women tagged MC galaxy a perverted short devil bcos according to them, he had every opportunity to cut the video call but didn’t. The rest 30% of people in the comment section seemed very fulfilled like they just recovered their destiny. Apparently, that naked video was the only good thing that had happened to them since Buhari’s administration.
The government didn’t give us electricity. They did not give us good roads. They did not give us jobs meanwhile Etinosa gave us sexual healing in one night. Etinaked for president 2023″. A very happy & fulfilled Nigerian wrote.
Just when i thought the testimonies were over, this came πŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ»
Etinosa’s video cured my 2weeks chronic konji! I am not lucky, I’m blessed”.
“Eti baby.. when is season 2 coming out?” Another curious Nigerian asked.
Having read all that comment, even the prince of Persia could not stop me from running to YouTube to watch the entire video. First, I needed to know if it was MC galaxy or Etinosa’s name that Angel Michael had to remove from the book of life. Secondly, I wanted to know who Etinosa was. I mean, she seemed popular in the entertainment industry, she had a large fan base on IG with bio that read “actress”, but how come the only movie I have ever seen her star in is MC galaxy’s IG live video?

If you know movies she’s acted asides the famous naked video, pls drop the title in the comment section.

5mins into this naked video starring Mc galaxy and Etinosa, I was disgusted. How could anybody get turned on from watching that video? Chioma Jesus cassette would have done a better work of turning me on πŸ’―. Like, every minute I heard Mc galaxy crack his coarse laughter, I flinched. His laughter is absolutely annoying and his real-life girlfriend is trying!
In the start of the video, Your actress, Etinosa had called in acting drunk. She had on a bra and some kind of high waist pant πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ& emphasized on how she wanted to get naked naked naked and all MCgalaxy could do to salvage the situation was place his hand on his forehead, pop his already bulging eyes and asked his viewers, “do you people really want Etinosa to do this thing she want to do? I no dey there oooo”. cracks laughter.
God you see, I did not ask her ooo”. Another round of coarse laughter escaped his mouth and when he saw that Etinosa really had the juice and was ready to share, he went, “Eti-no-sa, lemme play Ogbono for you so that you will entertain horse us”.
So Oga galaxy needed something to entertain him yet he didn’t know how to tune in to Cartoon Network on his Dstv? What happened to watching Tom and jerry and teletubbies or WWE smack down ? What happened to reading the Bible? Are there no stories in the Bible that could entertain him?

The full video is on YouTube. Watch at your own risk!

I really wasn’t expecting much from MC galaxy, but for the fact that his biological name is Innocent, I expected him to act accordingly. I expected him to show the innocent side of him by reiterating to Etinosa that the purpose of the live video was to exhibit God given talent and not to exhibit other talent that is given by other gods.
At this point in the live video, Etinosa still had her pant and bra on and was only snake-dancing to the ogbono song until oga galaxy decided to read a viewer’s comment like, “Etinosa, What is wrong with Mr Zacksman? Mr Zacksman said pull your trouser”. And then Etinosa went, “I go pull am!”
That was how Etinosa took off that seemingly high waist pant that Mr Zacksman mistook for trouser and then focused her camera on her bare butt. She later asked Mcgalaxy if he wanted her to take off her bra and Jesus knows the born again Christian in me was expecting galaxy to quote Matthew 16 vs 23 and then hang up the call but no! He kept saying;
Eti-no-sa bye bye…..
Eti-no-sa il hang up this call
Eti-no-sa bye bye
until Etinosa’s bra was on the floor and comment like “Etinosa breast small like seed” started rolling in.

Etinosa expressing her heart to the world

She kept jiggling her titties and butt for the most part of the video. She was sounding drunk as she had continuously sipped some alcohol at intervals. If not for the bad network that disrupted and finally put Etinosa off the call, Mc galaxy would have probably said something like ” Etinosa can you imagine Mr Adamu. Mr adamu said you cannot show us your uterus. Is that true”. And y’all know how that would’ve turned out since Etinosa obviously hates being dared.
After watching Etinosa’s video and then finding out more about this galaxy’s live video, i realized the unheavenly IG live video thing has been going on for quite a while and Etinosa was just the most popular of all the other girls who called in to shake their catastrophic buttocks in front of the camera donning only a small letter g-string. In fact, sometime around March when MC galaxy recently kicked off this career in shooting IG live videos, a certain 18-year-old UNILAG student had called in, begging him to let her strip.
Mcgalaxy refused her persistent plea because according to him, she was too young. He didn’t refuse her because the act of stripping was totally inappropriate and wasn’t what his platform promoted. He further told her to call back in about a week’s time when she would be better prepared -to strip. I like to think that he meant it this way “sorry Folashade(whatever she is called), you cannot strip yet. Your body is still in its embryonic stage cos you just 18! But you can call back in a week’s time when your body would be more mature for sight seeing. thank you, Next!”. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ
What shall it profit you to see all these thing but……

Days ago on tunde ednut’s IG page, I came across another highlight of what went down in one of those live videos and as I watched this girl who was enthusiastically twerking with very large buttocks and very tiny gstring that her buttocks unapologetically swallowed up, my heart went out to every goat that got defiled by 10% of guys who had watched that twerk video and got aroused but didn’t find any Female being to unleash on; hence defiling a poor goat that was strolling peacefully around the compound.

This is a very sad situation

I have been conflicting with myself on who to blame in all this. One minute I’m blaming Mc galaxy for being so irresponsible and vain and the next minute I remember Mcgalaxy did not put a knife on anyone’s throat to get naked. It’s been some conflicting thought. I don’t know who needs to stop between him and these girls.
Last night as I was making this post, I decided to join his live video for the first time to at least validate all I had watched on YouTube and this is one of the excerpts I screenshot from the video.πŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ»

She practically called to show boobs. These girls don’t even hide their faces.

Trust me when I say I saw THINGS but I am not going to post them here. My family members now know I have a blog so I’ve to be careful before they drag me to church for deliverance.
There’s not a single doubt that the presence of God has departed from Mcgalaxy’s Instagram page, but who to blame? who needs to STOP? The girls calling in and wanting to strip or twerk naked, the people who keep viewing and commenting more! more! more flesh or the particular person who gives them the platform to do so?????
Please i’d like to read all your opinions in the comment section! Let’s interact!

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8 Replies to “Who should stop? Mc Galaxy or the girls going naked?”

  1. 😱😱…With the information of when and where you have put in this post, more people will join the live video next week Friday …

    1. Dunno what to say bout what this current generation as turned into…but d Lord is our strength..they all to be blamed…smh

  2. The moral decadence of this generation is so frightening. Well the way I see it if there’s no platform there wouldn’t be patronage.

  3. So this kind of thing has been happening in Nigeria and I had no idea. Uhm. Its really sad that a celebrity would use his platform to promote such act nevertheless I blame the girls who call to strip. The man didn’t force them to or did he?

  4. go to social media anyday anytime, you see women naked for free. they do it and post it on their handles and walls and you are getting a headache cos someone has started paying them to get naked? they would be naked either ways so i commend Mcgalaxy for paying them for something they do everyday for free.

  5. LmaoπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Innocent indeed what a waste of selecting a name for such a vagabond. Anyways! Thanks for the day and time. I will see for myself on Friday. Let me set AlarmπŸ™ˆ

  6. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Was the presence of God on instagram before?? First thing first, Etinosa was not drunk! I think she planned it with him go publicity… and If you are asking who to be blamed, blame the women! No body force them to open. If you are asking who to stop, tell Mc galaxy becos as long as he has that show, women will go naked. Some women have been looking for that opportunity since 80s. Nice category and I see you are moving progress

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